30 October 2008

I LOVE a good review

The brilliant and beautiful Kelly Morriseau over at Kitchen Sync had this to say about my blog in her blog this week: 
Kitchen and Residential Design: Paul Anater, is a kitchen, bath and residential designer in St. Pete, Florida.  He has a wealth of information about stone. I knew as soon as I read his blog post "Sometimes granite isn't granite at all", and is one of the few designers I've "met" who knows that Onyx isn't really Onyx that I knew he would be a valuable resource for those of you out there planning stonework in your homes. Paul also blogs about whatever interests him, which is fun, plus he has a sense of humour.

Thank you Kelly!

Now everybody pop over to Kitchen Sync to read a take on kitchen design from a woman whose experience dwarfs mine. She's smart, she's humorous and she doles it all out with a huge dose of common sense.

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