02 October 2008

Bring on the residential urinal

I haven't gone off on one my my wise use of resources tirades in a while and I feel like I'm due. Check out this bathroom. It's kind of a school house meets family home vibe going on there and I like it. Maybe it's from having grown up in a household where six boys regularly ran amok, but I think a set up such as this would be a Godsend to any male-heavy home.
You can buy a urinal through any plumbing supplier and Kohler has a host of them available on their website. A typical urinal uses a gallon of water per flush and that's enough of a difference in water use than that of a toilet that it would result in a noticeable savings in your water bill. A step beyond the flush urinal are the new waterless urinals that are starting to show up in commercial settings. What a brilliant idea they are, but I don't know how suited they are for household use. Something tells me that they require a lot of volume to work efficiently. If I'm wrong about that I know I'll hear about it. 

Because they're new, plumbing companies like Kohler have spent a lot of time designing them and it shows. They're gorgeous, if I can use that word to describe a urinal.

So far, I have yet to convince anyone to install a home urinal but that hasn't stopped me. If you're thinking about a bath renovation and there's a man anywhere in your life, give the idea some serious thought.

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