07 October 2008

Kitchen solutions from Richard Edic

Richard Edic has been a Rochester-based kitchen designer for 30 years and along with his brother Martin, wrote Kitchens That Work: The Practical Guide to Creating a Great Kitchen. Their book was published by my heroes at Taunton Press, and is available here. Richard Edic also has a Website and blog dedicated to kitchen design called Kitchen Solutions. You'll find a link to him in my blog roll and in case you missed it, here's that link again.

Richard's writing sticks to kitchen design a lot more than my PM Magazine approach to the topic does and I'm glad to refer people to his site. I went over it and what he's dispensing is legitimate advice and opinion and like my site, it's offered from the perspective of a professional in the field. Like what I'm trying to do here, he cuts through the hype and the industry nonsense and I'm glad to link to him here.

So if you're considering a renovation or if you just like to read about this topic, spend some time with Richard Edic.

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