10 October 2008

Lady Marmoleum

I just got a hot lead on Marmoleum floors by Forbo. Forbo is a Swedish company and they've been making Marmoleum for the last 100 years. Generically, Marmoleum is linoleum; the original resilient floor. It's making a serious comeback due to the innovations and energetic marketing of the Forbo company.

In Forbo's capable hands, linoleum branded as Marmoleum is fresh, new and dare I say it? Hip.

I mean, look at this stuff. Lower East Side tenements do not come to mind when I see these photos and I understand why Forbo dispensed with the word linoleum.

Marmoleum is hip and now because it's bright and new, but it's also hip and now because it's green and sustainable. It's made today the way it was always made. From linseed oil, wood flour and rosins that are pressed into a jute backing. It's non-toxic, VOC-free, biodegradable when the time comes and virtually indestructible until then.

Due to its linseed oil content, it gets harder the longer its exposed to air and it's also naturally anti-microbial. What's not to love?

You can find local sources for Marmoleum through Forbo's website. If your market's anything like mine, it's not too tough to find. You can expect to pay between $5.50 and $7.50 a square foot for materials.

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