19 July 2008

Up from the angry streets

I love living in an urban neighborhood. The framed art shown here is one of my most prized possessions and it is a home made wanted sign I ripped off a telephone booth down the street ten years ago. "Found Art" everyone called it then; but whatever you want to call it, it makes me laugh. Its cryptic and provocative warning makes me wonder who on earth this subject is and what did he do to the person who made the sign? This framed piece of paper has spawned more conversations than I can count. I have people over and invariably, "St. Pete Beware" finds its way into the discussion. So thank you anonymous sign maker.

Earlier this week, the kids over at WebUrbanist featured a story about a graffiti artist who goes by the name of Banksy and who works the streets and alleys in London. Graffiti artist sounds like a contradiction in terms, but what this guy does what art is supposed to do. Namely, his work shows an audience a different way to see their everyday lives and it provokes a response. I'm sure the City Beautiful people in London would love to see him flogged but I'd love to have him move to Saint Pete.

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