09 July 2008

Smith and Noble's having a sale

I love what I do for a living, I really do. It's incredibly satisfying and gratifying to imagine something; be it a room, a couple of rooms or a whole house. I imagine something and then draw it. Then somebody pays me for what I imagined and drew. Then a couple of months later, I walk into a room, a couple of rooms or a whole house that once lived inside of my head but is now a real place where people live. I will never get over the thrill of that.

That said; there are some parts of the imagination and realization process that I love more than others and there are some that I really hate. Of the parts I dislike most, selecting window treatments has to take top honors in my list of most-loathed tasks. They bore me to tears. There. I said it. Invariably, I specify the most minimal things I can find and I'm never surprised to hear that what I specified originally didn't make it into the final plan. "Do what you want," I tell people; "just don't junk up all this clean space."

Then I hand them a catalog from Smith and Noble. Smith and Noble is a catalog and a website that sells custom shades, blinds and interior shutters for incredibly reasonable prices and they sell directly to homeowners, not just to the trade. Check them out. Really. And right now they're having a sale. A decent one too. I've bought wooden blinds from these people --custom ones-- that were only half as expensive as I thought they'd be. They were made to the size I needed exactly and they arrived a week-and-a-half after I ordered them. Who does that sort of thing? Well, these guys do. Take a spin through their website.

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