11 July 2008

The New York Times always makes me laugh

Judith Warner has a really amusing piece on the Times' website today describing the angst of an SUV owner in a time of four-dollars-and-change for a gallon gasoline. Warner writes a blog called Domestic Disturbances. It's always a good read.
The tale could be called: I Can No Longer Afford to Drive My Car.

The vehicle in question is a Land Rover. (2004 Land Rover. Vinyl interior. 33,000 miles. No sun roof. If you’re interested.)

It is a big black behemoth that stands more than six feet tall, weighs 6,724 pounds and gets, according to E.P.A. calculations, 11 miles to the gallon in the city, assuming you don’t go uphill, stop at stop signs or run the air conditioning. If you do any of these things, the gas mileage, according to my calculations, falls by about half.

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