18 July 2008

My new favorite thing on the Internet

Check out Wordle. I love this thing. I think I was playing around on it for an hour this morning without being aware that time was passing. That's always a good sign.

Wordle is a web app that takes text and creates randomized "word clouds" using the words you provide by pasting them onto their site or you can direct Wordle to a URL and it will go retrieve your text for you. Once you have your text in place, you can control the font, the colors, the orientation of the words, the general shape of the cloud. You can then upload them to their gallery or you can print them out. I love this thing.

I'm obsessed at this point. In the form of a word cloud, even the most mundane of things looks cool cool cool. I may even frame some of this stuff.

This is my resume.
This is an e-mail from a friend regarding vacation plans.

This is an excerpt from an Italian newspaper.

This is an e-mail from my niece Maggie.

This is my blog entry from Wednesday.


  1. Lily learned this in school this past year. We have had fun with it, too! I was wondering how I'd missed this post, but I see it is from 2008. That is 6 or 7 months before I'd found Facebook!

  2. Ahhhh, this is from a time when nobody read me. I was a newbie then and it's just as well.


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