27 July 2008

My last post about rainwater for a while, I promise

There is an online community dedicated to spreading information and awareness about sustainable water practices. They are called, fittingly enough, HarvestH2O.com and their website is worth spending some time on if any of this has struck a chord. From their website:

HarvestH2O.com is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable water management practices for individuals, families, communities, and businesses. We share knowledge and experiences in the following ways:

  • advancing specific, common-sense recommendations for water conservation

  • developing a best-practices repository in rainwater harvesting

  • sharing stories, practical tips, cautions and notes of interest

  • building on the experiences of community members who have already implemented water conservation solutions

  • developing tools, templates and guidelines for building rainwater harvesting solutions educating individuals and organizations to shorten the learning process

  • creating business justifications supporting water conservation as an economic investment providing a comprehensive list of vendors and products for residential and small-scale commerical water conservation projects
HarvestH2O is a great site for general research on the topic and they have an extensive, local directory of vendors who sell rainwater harvesting equipment, systems and training. Good job fellas, keep it up.

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