03 September 2020

Routine Garage Door Maintenance: 7 Things You Should Be Doing

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A garage door can provide decades of use if it is properly maintained. As a frequently used item, garage doors depend on the extra care to prevent wear and tear and breakdown. Keep the garage door on your home in tip-top condition longer by following the seven routine maintenance tips below.

1. Observe the Garage Door

Sit back, look, and listen to the garage door. Strange, unusual noises indicate trouble with the garage door. Don’t ignore the unusual noises. Observe the way the door opens and closes. Does it open and close smoothly? Are all of the garage door parts in place and free of damage? Listen, observe, and learn so much about your garage door.

2. Tighten up the Hardware

With the average garage door opening and closing more than 1,000 times in a single year, the hardware is bound to loosen due to movements and vibrations. Every few months, examine the hardware and tighten all bolts and rollers with a socket wrench.

3. Replace Weatherstripping

Examine the weatherstripping on the garage door. If it appears cracked, ripped or torn, or has other signs of damage, replace the weatherstripping. Sold at home improvement stores, weatherstripping is inexpensive and easy-to-install on the grooves of the door. Weatherstripping ensures the garage door easily opens and closes.

4. Lubricate the Door

Lubricating the moving parts keeps the garage door functional for many years ahead. It takes minutes to oil the garage door and can be done by anyone. Talk to a garage door professional to learn more about the types of spray lubricants available to coat the overhead springs and door.

5. Clear the Tracks

Dirt, pests, leaves, and other debris accumulate inside the tracks over time.  Clear this debris from the tracks to prevent difficulty in opening/closing the door.  Use a level to check the plumb while clearing the tracks.

6. Check the Cables

Cable lifts attached to the garage door allow it to open and close. The doors are extremely heavy and on the left and have a significant force that can cause great injury if they fall on top of someone. Visually inspect the cables, but leave any repairs to professionals.  Many problems may cause the cables to work improperly, in turn causing the garage door to malfunction.

7. Keep it Clean

Garage doors are a part of the home’s aesthetic appeal. Keep it clean and tidy to ensure maximum curb appeal. Clean doors with a mild all-purpose cleaner and a sponge the same way you'd clean your vehicle. Steel doors and wood doors alike may have spots, stains, or discolorations that wipe away with a little effort.  Removing spots and stains voids wear and tear and garage door breakdown.

If your garage door endures damage despite your best efforts, find the best garage door maintenance and installation in Beaverton, OR as soon as possible. Professional garage door repairmen bring the skills and expertise to your home that ensure thorough repairs. 

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