30 September 2020

Easy and Affordable Ways to Fix Up Your Home

As the fall and winter holidays get closer, you may be planning to have relatives visit or stay with you for a short period of time. Not only do you want to create a welcoming experience, but you also need your home to be in good condition.

Updating your home doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming either. So follow these easy and affordable tips for helping you get the most out of fixing up your home.

1. Get your air conditioner and heater serviced.

Your air conditioning and heating systems are used almost every day to keep your home comfortable. However, during this time, they also build up debris, dirt, and other gunk within the units. Make sure you get your HVAC systems serviced at least twice each year – ideally once at the start of spring and once in the fall.

To find a quality HVAC technician, read online reviews and search for highly-rated companies. You can Google phrases like, “air conditioning services in Pennsylvania,” to see some of the top names in that region.

2. Look for small problems that could become big issues.

The last thing any homeowner wants is an emergency plumbing crisis or electrical repair. These issues can make living in a house unsafe and require several days to fix. Evaluate each of the systems in your house to see if there are potential issues that could arise.

For example, when you notice strange smells or gurgling from your drains, it's best to call a plumber. Look for a reliable company that offers the services you need like a routine pipe inspection to make sure everything is working at its best. Do a quick online search by typing in the required service you need followed by your area such as, "sewer repair in Atlanta" or more specifically "sewer repair in Roswell" for that particular suburb.


3. Update your interiors with new art.

You might be surprised how small changes can have a major impact on your home. Taking a few small steps to rearrange the furniture or add a few new decorations can make your house feel completely new.

Try out a few creative ways to add new and unique art to your space. For example, a DIY kit from Paint Loose allows you to make beautiful creations yourself without the need to hire someone. You can also visit local art fairs and support local artists by buying their work.

4. Visit garage sales and thrift shops.

If you don’t have a large budget to fix up your home, look for ways to get home improvement tools on the cheap. Many thrift shops have sections for power tools (including lawnmowers and leaf blowers) that you can use for yard work. Garage sales and estate sales can also have some paint, unused home decorations, and other appliances that you can get for your home without spending too much.

Finding these resources can take a lot of shopping time and you may need to visit multiple yard sales and stores before you find what you need, but the results can be worth it.


5. Deep clean your space.

Oftentimes, your home doesn’t need major repairs, it just needs a little TLC and some deep cleaning. Spend a weekend diving into the details of your house to make sure it's spotless. This includes cleaning the baseboards, getting the dust off of fan blades, and removing clogs of hair from your shower drains. The effort will be worth it: your house will feel bigger than it was before and you can relax in the bliss of a clean home.

It doesn’t take much to make your house feel like you completely redecorated or repaired. By catching issues before they become too serious and finding creative ways to design your space, you can open your home to friends and family reassured that it looks good.

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