16 September 2020

Best Tips to Improve Your Knife Skills

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Knowing when to use the proper knife for the proper cutting is itself a skill that needs to be mastered if you want to become a good chef. Wondering how to chop, dice, or mince, the article brings all the crucial knife skills you should follow to make yourself feel confident while cooking. These skills can be used easily in daily life and will help you sharpen your knives skills.

Keeping the knives sharp

Dull knives are not safer for cooking so always use a sharp knife. You can keep your knives sharp by honing tools. It is better to sharpen your knives by a trained knife sharpener. Detergents have adhered effect on some knives. So it is better to wash your knives by hand. However stainless steel is safe for dishwasher use. They can be washed in the dishwasher.

Having the proper knives

Knives vary in their size like you must have a four-inch and an eight-inch chef’s knife in your kitchen. These knives must be included in your standard kitchen knife stand. An eight-inch bread knife that we also call a tomato knife is also a must-have knife.

Split and slice

You must place your thumb and index finger on the handle of the knife. Chefs call it “choke up”. The thumb and knuckle of your hands should have a hard grip on the blade in the handle while the rest of the remaining fingers wrap around the handle. All of this gives you extra control, which will help you in using the knife more easily. One more thing, you don’t want to hold your grip tightly as this will strangle the knife.  

Use it like as saw

You should use your knife like a saw, instead of moving up and down slice it through. It helps you in handling the food or vegetables more efficiently. You just need to hold your knife firmly and slice it through like a saw motion.  

Instead of visiting the stores, you can also buy sharp knives online. There are many websites that provide critic reviews to the knives that they are selling. You may use cheap discount codes purple and you can avail discounts while online shopping.

Cut in half to create a flat surface

Cutting, chopping, or slicing your round products in half will help in creating a flat surface. To do this, you must keep your knife above the height of your elbow as it will put more control and pressure. Now using gravity to your advantage, cut it through nicely and firmly.

The claw technique

Making a claw while cutting the food is very helpful. In the process, your fingertips must be towards the cutting board. It will help you in cutting more precisely and harmlessly. This skill takes time and a lot of patience. So while cutting the onion, hold the onion in the hand and make a claw. You can dice the onion painlessly. 

Following the above-mentioned tips, you can refine your knife skills and can easily become a master chef. 

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