29 September 2020

Tips for Choosing the Right Skirting Boards

Making changes to your home decor can be a serious project. Deciding how to go about the design would take a great deal of effort. And if you will be using skirting boards in any phase of the work, you want to get the right one. 

You won't have to be disturbed about this if you leave it to the professionals. But if you're going to install the skirting boards yourself, you want to be able to shop just the ideal type. You can find tips below on picking the best boards to work in your home design. 

The Scale of your Project 

The first thing that could be on your mind is how much of the skirting board you will be needing. A prior assessment will involve considering the scale of your project. How big or small is the area you need to be fitted? This will determine how much of the skirt boards you will use in your project. 

The size and pattern of the room is also another thing you want to keep in mind. A room with high ceilings will require tall skirting boards. You will also have to use shorter ones in a low ceiling room. As a rule of thumb, builders always advise you to use 1/18 of your room's height when shopping for the right size of skirting boards. 

The Designs to Choose

After doing the maths on how much board you will need to use in your project. You will also have to conclude on the type of design to go with. If you want them to play an essential role in decorating your interior or exterior wall, you should take the time to make your choice. 

Depending on your home's architectural style, you want to go for a design that would complement it. Traditional options may be ideal for contemporary style homes, while a more modern look would be best if you want something upscale. You can find more here on the different types of skirting boards available to choose from. 

Still, you will have a design that follows your detailing and decor needs. You can decide to work with a professional skilled with custom interior design and homebuilding. 

Color is an Important Factor as Well

As with everything about design, color is important. And if you are looking to introduce the wow effect in your home, you can achieve that with the right color effect. So when picking out the right skirting boards for you, you must consider the look and feel it adds to your living space. It is best to get custom orders for any color of your choosing, so you want to get creative with your design. 

Material Composition of your Boards

What is your skirting board made from? The material component is also something you want to think of when in the market for the best options. If you want something durable and long-lasting, then you certainly want to keep this in mind. But if you are on a budget, you can equally consider affordable options such as MDF. They are quality yet less expensive option compared to others. 

You should know that nothing can replace the workability and the quality assurance that comes with natural wood. You can also use wood options such as oak, Tulipwood, and pine for custom jobs that require precision machining. While MDF is a good option too, you should know that it is susceptible to cracks and damage than natural wood. 

Bringing Your Design to Life 

If you are a handy homeowner, there is a chance you can fix in your skirting boards without much hassle. There are tutorial videos available online to guide you each step of the way on how to place them correctly. You will have to own the tools for the job and also get the materials you need. There are useful suggestions here https://www.carpentry-tips-and-tricks.com/fitting-skirting.html on doing the job correctly. 

You can save yourself the troubles, on the other hand and get an expert to help you out. You will have to factor the cost of their services when planning your budget for the job. 

Final Note 

Skirting boards can be a great way to design your inside and outside space. And you want to be cautious about how you go about your home upgrade. Go for durable materials, and don't hesitate to use professionals whenever you require their services. 

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