28 August 2020

Replace old drawers with decorative bent and curved glass shelves for elegant walls

Do you feel your old drawers need replacement with something more sophisticated? Decorative Bent and Curved Glass Shelves are better alternatives, as they blend well and add more beauty to the room. In the same vein, they create more storage space for items, so the function of the old drawers is maintained, even better.

Additionally, bent shelves made of glass add style and polished appearance to a room, especially if incorporated into elegant walls. Also, they are secure and provide a modern feel to the place where they exist. You don’t have to spend much trying to make your house better with these shelves because they are relatively affordable.

Strong and Sturdy Shelves to provide excellent Storage Space

There is a list of strong and sturdy shelves that can be used to provide storage space in the home. Most of them are according to their shape and design.

Rectangle Shelves: Used to float items and is strong and sturdy to place trophies and awards

This kind of shelf is suitable to use both at home and office since it provides perfect storage while being sturdy. Based on their design, they can be used to “float” items, and they are available in several colors, such as Red, Black, Green, Blue, etc. In different places where you have this type of glass shelf, trophies, plaques, awards are displayed.

Quarter Circle Shelves: Used at the corner of the room and best pace saver

A perfect addition to the corners of a room is the Quarter Circle Shelves. They are sometimes called the space savers because they can be used to keep small but vital/fragile items, such as flower pots, pictures, personal accessories, etc.

Triangle Shelves: Used to display small bathroom items at the corner of the wall

Another shelf you can add to your room is the Triangle type. It can add style to a room and change its entire appearance. Just like the rectangle shelves, it also floats items and can be used to hold valuables.

Curved Wall Shelves: Used in the bathroom to place body spray & lotions etc.

These curved wall shelves have been designed in a unique way, such as combining different shapes of shelves, i.e., rectangle + curved. They offer extensive storage for items, which is different from those previously mentioned.

Stylish Glass Shelves: Used for having advanced functionality of towel hanging rod

Stylish Glass Shelf could be in various forms or shapes, and the only difference is that an extra feature is added to make it even better in a room. For instance, another layer could be added to a rectangle shelf for maximum balance.

Stylish Bent Glass Shelves: Used for decorating walls with displaying d├ęcor items

Just like the former, a stylish appearance is given by this kind of shelf. However, at a particular point, it bends a little. The bent appearance doesn’t make it any less of a glass shelf for storage; it adds more style to a room.

Bent Glass Shelves: Used to place novels, books and other decorative items.

This kind of shelf here is completely bent. It is sturdy in design and polished in appearance. They are handy pieces that have been constructed to hold objects in a stationary phase for as long as possible. It is one of the most standard glass shelves available on the market.

Versatile Color and Designs to Place Appropriate Items

Interestingly, each of these sturdy glass shelves above is versatile in color and design. There are Red, Black, Blue, Transparent, and Green Colors of these glass shelves; and just the same way, their forms and styles are different. As aforementioned, they can be used to hold all kinds of items both at home and in the office. For instance, you can have a stylish glass shelf in a clutter-free bathroom to keep toiletries or improve the interior style of your room with bent glass shelves.

Things that Traditional Drawers cannot Provide Compared to Glass Shelves

By now, you may need clarification on what is the best to use – Glass shelves or Wood shelves/Traditional Drawers. However, there are few things that traditional drawers cannot provide when you compare them to glass shelves, like stylish glass shelf brackets, easy maintenance etc.


First of all, you can’t compare the strength of glass shelves to a wood shelf. Don’t get the perception that because it is glass, thus, it can break or prone to shatter; it all depends on the type of glass you purchase. Generally, tempered glass is designed to be shatter-resistant; therefore, you are assured durability. On the other hand, traditional drawers are prone to attack by termites, and it doesn’t take much time before they lose their quality and durability.

Heat Resistance

Also, tempered glass in its production process passed through the heat to make it what it is. That means, it has good heat-resistance, and in case of a fire outbreak, it may not be destroyed. Traditional drawers are made of wood, and this doesn’t make them resistant to heat or fire outbreaks. That is why it is sometimes advised not to have your items stored in a traditional drawer close to a heat source. 

Easy Storage

Finally, you won’t but agree that glass shelves have better storage compared to traditional drawers. There is little or no effort needed to retrieve your items from where you have stored them; however, you may have to go through one or two phases before you do that with drawers.

Besides, the former is also called a “floating shelf”; it fits into any wall of a room.

All of these reasons are why glass shelves are better compared to the traditional drawers known.

Budget-friendly and Easy Maintenance Luxury Space Provider

When choosing a space provider to use in the home, in terms of storage, you must consider the budget and its maintenance. The reason why you have to do that is to enable you to have something worthwhile, especially if you have a minimum budget. Without a doubt, bent and curved glass shelves are great because they are budget-friendly, and they require minimal maintenance. Also, they improve the looks of a room and give a luxurious feel to it. Therefore, it is an ideal space provider for every home or office.


In the end, you must have seen reasons why you need to replace old drawers with decorative bent and curved glass shelves. The luxury and storage they provide is indeed second to none.

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