23 August 2020

Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen This Week

Ready for a kitchen makeover but nervous about the cost? That's a very valid feeling. According to recent reports, the average cost to remodel a kitchen in the US ranges from $12,700 to $33,200 — but never fear! It's possible to upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank. Here are five quick, easy, and budget-friendly kitchen updates that will completely transform the look of your kitchen.

Give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint.


Refreshing your cabinets with a new coat of paint is an inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen. It will make everything look fresh for a fraction of the cost of actual new cabinets. Depending on your budget, consider refinishing your kitchen cabinets for a kit for around $75 or focus only on your cabinet doors, trim, or shelves to save money. For the best results, set aside enough time to prepare and paint so you can be sure to clean each surface before painting, fill in any nicks or holes with wood put, sand the surfaces of your cabinets between each layer of paint and allow the paint to dry completely between each layer.

Upgrade your storage space.


Upgrading your kitchen storage can completely transform your space by eliminating clutter from your drawers, cabinets, and counters. For an easy weekend upgrade, customize your kitchen by installing a shelf for cookbooks, pans, or pantry items, or consider investing in a lazy Susan to store extra utensils and food.

If you're looking for a budget-friendly alternative, bar carts provide instant kitchen storage. In addition to optimizing your functionality, bar carts give add a vintage, retro vibe to your space. By incorporating a few key accessories—like plants, glassware, or even your latest liquor store buys—you can easily upgrade your bar cart to become a focal point in your home. By purchasing a few well-chosen bottles of alcoholic beverages like whiskey, vodka, or rum and some nice looking glasses you can add an elegant addition what may be an otherwise unremarkable kitchen.

Invest in new cookware.


Cookware is like a throw pillow for your kitchen, only more useful. Invest in a new tea kettle in your favorite color or a rose gold breadbox, and leave it out on your countertop to instantly transform the look of your kitchen.

Although new cookware might sound like a significant investment, it's possible to find purchase cookware on a budget. Premier outlet stores like Outlet Sale sell home and kitchen products from top European brands at discounted rates, making it easy for homeowners to shop for high-quality cookware without breaking the bank. By upgrading your cookware, you'll be able to enjoy cooking in your renovated kitchen twice as much!

Hang up some art.


A single piece of artwork—whether it's a framed photo, a poster, or a painting sourced at a flea-market — instantly adds character to your kitchen. To add a pop of color to your space, try adding a vibrant framed print above your kitchen counter. To get inspired with ideas for your kitchen style, check out Pinterest.

If you're not sure where to look for art, try browsing Etsy for a wide range of different styles. Many artists offer digital prints under $5, allowing you to download and print your new piece of art at a local copy shop. To add more flair to your kitchen, opt for a frame that matches your current decor or hardware.

Brighten up your space.


Upgrading your kitchen lighting is a great way to refresh your kitchen's appearance and brighten up your space. Even if you're not planning for a major kitchen remodel, simply swapping your lighting, whether that means a statement chandelier or track lighting, can upgrade your entire kitchen. Lighting is a lot like painting — it's pretty inexpensive, but it can help you update your space in a single afternoon.

Try shopping for a rustic or chrome light fixture that matches your existing kitchen theme and color. If your space allows, consider investing in a statement floor lamp or hanging pendant lights over your kitchen island to create a cozier and more welcoming kitchen space.

If you're working with a limited budget, it's possible to create a functional and inviting kitchen for your family without overspending. Ultimately, simple fixes like hanging art and adding new storage can transform the appearance and functionality of your kitchen space.

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