12 August 2020

Canadian Lighting Manufacturers And Custom Lighting Companies


Have you ever considered the importance of light for your home d├ęcor? Light can do wonders for both the interior and exterior of houses and apartments, hence enabling homeowners to refresh their homes by starting a custom lighting project.

Nevertheless, in order for the light to genuinely add charm to your place, you’d need the assistance of real professionals. Nowadays, there’s an increasing number of custom lighting manufacturers, which handle both residential and commercial projects.

The following tips will undoubtedly be helpful when looking for the right company.

Check credentials

When looking for a lighting manufacturer, you are advised to commence your search by checking the credentials of such professionals in your local area. It’s essential to get familiar with their educational background, which encompasses a solid knowledge of physics, electricity, environmental issues, as well as the capability to come up with innovative design solutions.

In order for a lighting manufacturer to stay ahead of cut-throat competition, he/she is required to continuously upgrade its education by attending seminars and following the latest trends in trade magazines. Make sure you hire a company whose employees are equipped with a professional degree, license, and certificates. Bear in mind that not all countries require lighting manufacturers to be properly licensed, which is why you are recommended to check the regulations in your region. Click here to check out some of the latest lighting ideas, suitable for everyone’s taste.

Check experience record

Another vital thing to check when hiring such a professional to take care of your custom project is the experience record. Most companies tend to boast about their years of experience on their official sites, particularly the ones with an extensive experience record in this line of work.


Furthermore, it’s paramount for the manufacturer you choose to have worked with both interior and exterior lighting projects, ranging from homes and restaurants to modern hotels. Professionals that are proficient in both residential and commercial projects are more likely to fulfill your requirements, as they have worked for a huge variety of clients.

Check portfolios

The most effective way of gaining an insight into the ideas of a lighting company is by taking a detailed look at its portfolio, which is usually posted on the official site of the manufacturer for potential clients to check. Apart from checking such portfolios online, you are also recommended to look for proof of past projects in the course of the initial interviews.

Moreover, keep in mind that the size of the portfolio speaks volumes about the experience record of a lighting manufacturer. Consequently, reputable lighting companies, such as https://karicelighting.com/, are expected to provide potential clients with extensive portfolios that include a myriad of past projects. Also, in case any of their commercial projects are based locally, manufacturers can even demonstrate their work by taking you to the spot.

In addition, when it comes to residential custom projects, you can dig up more information by contacting some of the former clients. Actually, manufacturers are required to provide potential customers with referrals, thus enabling you to get in touch with some of their previous clients. Besides providing a detailed response to your questions, some homeowners might even be willing to open the doors of their homes for you to check the work in person.

Nevertheless, make sure you stay away from companies that haven’t included a short version of their portfolios online or fail to provide one at the initial meetings. Such professionals aren’t to be trusted, as they have no proof of handling previous projects.

Don’t forget flexibility

Flexibility is of vital importance when collaborating with a lighting manufacturer in order for the custom project to run smoothly. Both residential and commercial projects tend to change their course along the way, hence requiring professionals to adapt to unexpected alterations.

Therefore, make sure you hire a lighting manufacturer who is more than willing to alter the project to your requirements. You are strongly advised to discuss the attitude of the company towards last-minute changes so as to avoid future surprises. As long as the manufacturer is disposed to accept your evolving ideas, you’ll have nothing to be concerned about in terms of flexible project management.

Consider your budget

Another important aspect to take into account in the course of your search for the right lighting manufacturer is your budget. All trustworthy companies are expected to provide you with an estimate, which includes the approximate cost of the custom project. These quotes are supposed to include a detailed description of the project, the material costs, as well as labor costs.

In order to hire a company that fits your budget, make sure you receive estimates from a couple of manufacturers. As a result, you’ll be able to choose a candidate whose project cost is affordable but delivers successful results.

Check equipment and technology

In order for a lighting company to keep up with the latest trends, its professionals are supposed to be armed with high-tech equipment and use the newest products in the market.

Additionally, these experts are expected to attend trade shows regularly so as to get familiar with the latest cost-effective technologies. Read more about LED lights, one of the most cost-effective technologies in recent times.

Bottom line

Instead of wasting money on costly renovation projects, you could invest in custom light fixtures.
Your home will look as good as new! 

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