26 August 2020

Ideas on Budget-Friendly DIY Hottubs

Medical experts proved that soaking in warm water is one of the best ways to get rid of accumulated stress. And when you combine bathing with staying outside and enjoying the view, you'll bring enjoyment to a higher level. And what unites all these? An outdoor hottub.

You might think that the only use of a hottub is to sit back and relax after a hard day. But staying in warm water also has many health benefits, whether you soak in the tub during the summer or on chilly days. You can find out more at this link.

Anyone who has even a little space in their backyard can get a hottub. You can buy these pools in various sizes and shapes, with various accessories - all tailored to your budget and location. But if you have some free time, basic DIY skills, and tools, you can make a custom Jacuzzi for your backyard.

Economical Wooden Hottub

A wooden hottub is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of cold winter days when you enjoy soaking outside. Many models can be found in stores, but if you need a custom outside Jacuzzi, it is best and most cost-effective to design and make it yourself. Since wood is a natural material, it will easily fit into any exterior.

Wood is a very flexible element and keeps the water temperature well. It's easy to process so you can make any hottub you imagined. The simplest are square or round, and the mechanism that provides water heating is the woodstove. You can put it inside, or in a special box behind the tube, if you are making a tank for more people.

Depending on your carpentry skills, you can be very creative when building a tub. For example, you can make handrails and stairs for easier entry. Or you can add a tiny porch around the hottub. It's quite useful to lean on it or put things away.

As for the choice of lumber, it is best to use cedar. When heated, this wood releases a beautiful scent, reminding of deep forests and untouched nature. You will enjoy the benefits of both hydromassage and aromatherapy.

Use Old Pallets

If you have a bunch of old pallets that have no purpose, you can use them in a pretty creative way. One of these ideas is to build a rustic hottub. This project doesn't require too much money, time, and skills. Besides pallets, you need an old water tank, some pipes, and connectors.

The base is a water tank that you reinforce with pallets to keep its shape. Place some foam lining inside, for greater comfort, and attach connectors to fill the tank. These DIY tubs are mainly intended for one person, as it's not feasible to put benches inside. You can cover the pallets with boards on the outside, to give the hottub a finished look.

Sturdy DIY Hottub

A small concrete pool can be an ideal decoration for a yard that is rich in greenery. Unlike wooden tubs, this model will last and stand in one place. So you can be very creative, and make a real corner to enjoy. And you won't spend more than a few hundred bucks to make it.

You can make an in-ground pool in any shape and any dimensions. Since you will put it on the ground, you have to adapt it to the structure of the terrain. The square models are easy to make, and in addition to concrete, you can also use thermalite blocks or natural stone.

The DIY concrete pool can look quite expensive and attractive, as those seen on hottubreviews.co.uk, if you add details made of marble or natural stone. The only problem is time, as building process takes a while, mostly due to the concrete's drying. Build this DIY project during fall or spring so that the concrete doesn't crack due to high heat or cold.

Soaking in the water feels good during hot summer days, but if you have an outside Jacuzzi or tub, you can bathe in it even when the days are not warm. With a bit of creativity and skill, you can turn your yard into a wellness oasis where you can relax whenever you want, alone or with someone.

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