25 February 2016

What you need to know about pest control in the kitchen


No room of your home is immune to pest infestation. You may not like the idea, but your kitchen could be especially popular with pests because there is a potential food supply close at hand. If you discover a termite and pest problem in your kitchen, or any other room of your home, you may need to carry out certain actions before the pest control experts arrive.

If you hire a Wheaton exterminator to deal with your pest problem you should ask for advice about what you will need to do in preparation for the extermination taking place. In the meantime, we are going to take you through some information that you may find interesting to know.

Making sure your kitchen is prepared for the extermination process

If you are having extermination work carried out in your kitchen you will normally be required to empty your kitchen cupboards. You should always make sure that the contents of the cupboards are stored in another area of your home, under a covering. Once you have emptied the cupboards you should clean them out.

Doing this removes any traces of food which may serve as a distraction to pests and reduce the effect of any baits that are put in place. It’s also worth remembering that you will not be able to clean any of the cupboards directly after the extermination process as to do so could adversely affect the treatments used.

It’s worth noting that for certain treatments, such as that for an infestation of spiders, the process you need to follow may be different as any webs will normally need to be left intact.

Action to take in the rest of your home

It’s often not just your kitchen that requires treatment during the extermination process. In any area of your home that is being treated you need to make sure that the exterminator has full and unrestricted access. You should always make sure that the floor space is clear. There is a particular process that you need to follow if you have an aquarium in your home which is too heavy to be moved.
You should ensure that the aquarium is completely sealed and that you have switched the pump off. Obviously, the fish cannot be without a pump for very long so if the extermination is going to take a long time you need to find a way of filtering air in from outside of your home.

These are probably not the only preparations you will need to make, prior to the arrival of the exterminator. You should always ask the pest control expert you have hired about what they need you to do. Once you have confirmed what preparations are necessary you should always make sure you have enough time to complete them. You do not want to end up rushing so always start early clearing your kitchen and any other rooms that are being treated.

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