17 March 2016

Why is the drain gurgling and slow to clear?


If a drain is clear and clean then water should clear quickly and without any noise. If the water is taking longer to clear down the drain than normal, and you can hear a gurgling noise after you have used the sink or shower, then you will need to check for problems if the drain or with the vent pipe. You should never ignore a problem like this, because chances are it will only get worse. If you are at all concerned about noises coming from the drains then you can make a choice to call a professional, like an emergency plumber. They can help deal with the problem and put your mind at rest. We are going to take you through the causes of a gurgling drain that a plumber may discover.

A build-up of grease and grime

The most obvious reason for you to hear gurgling noises, and notice the water is disappearing faster than usual, is a build-up of grease and grime in the drains. When the drain is clean both air and water can flow down it freely; this does not happen when a drain is clogged. This can happen in individual drains in your home, or in the main pipe for all the drains. You will be able to tell if the main pipe is involved if the noise is present for any drain. It’s a good idea to try and prevent items such as oil, grease and hairs from going down the drain in the first place. However, if a blockage does happen you can try and remove it by pouring boiling water down the drain (only if you have metal pipes; for PVC pipes use hot water). If this is not successful you can try using a plunger or a drain snake to solve the problem.

 A blocked vent pipe

 If the vent pipe for your home is blocked this can cause you to hear gurgling noises. The vent pipe connects to all the pipes in your home and vents out through the roof. Problems can occur when debris gets into the vent and prevents air from getting out. The air has to go somewhere and will usually try and escape through the last part of the system that was used, such as a kitchen sink. This escape results in the gurgling sound. If you think you have a problem with a blockage in the vent pipe for your home you should call a professional plumber to take a look for you.

These are the main reasons why you may hear a gurgling noise after you use the sink or the shower. If you experience these problems then you call a licensed plumber to help. They will be able to take a look at the problem and resolve it for you, giving you peace of mind and getting your plumbing back in full working order.

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