19 February 2016

Top Home Design Trends to Look for in 2016

With a solid economic recovery underway and renewed consumer confidence, the housing market is predicted to continue strong in 2016. Among the real estate trends we’ll see in 2016 is a growing interest among home buyers in building a new home versus purchasing a resale home. By choosing a new construction home, buyers have the chance to customize and create a home that is the perfect match for their family and lifestyle. So what design choices will be popular in 2016? Check out the list below to see the top trends in new home design.


Many new home buyers are looking for a contemporary or modern design in their 2016 home. Although these styles have unique elements, both favor simple and uncluttered spaces, the use of simple, neutral colors, clean lines, and decorating that adds a pop of color and artistic flair.

Another overall style trend is the importance of personalization and customization in 2016 new homes. Home builders are showing off their craftsmanship with stunning staircases, custom built-in shelves and other fine details. Homeowners are also personalizing their homes by taking risks with bold paint colors, wallpaper, and patterns.


In 2016, home builders will continue to see the open concept floor plan the most desired layout among home buyers. This layout opens up the main living space so the kitchen, dining, living and entertainment areas all flow together. This layout is perfect for entertaining and bringing families together.

Overall, the layout of 2016 new homes is set up to have 100 percent usable space throughout the entire home. This means clean design, fewer hallways, a single staircase, and no tiny, wasted rooms.


In 2015, the biggest kitchen trend was white everything, including white cabinets, walls, and countertops. While white will still be a top choice in 2016 new homes, the latest kitchen color trend is now gray, which can be used in everything from cabinets to backsplashes. Combining white and gray will also be very popular in 2016.

With the open concept floor plan, the kitchen will be the center of entertaining, cooking, and dining. This will lead to a high demand for larger islands that provide more space. In fact, those who have enough room are choosing double islands, either back to back or side by side. This allows you to have one designated area for prepping and cooking, and a separate space for dining and socializing.


Although many new homes will have more than one bathroom, the bathroom that is getting all the attention in 2016 homes is the master bathroom. In addition to a beautiful retreat-like bedroom, homeowners want their own personal bathroom to enjoy after a long day.

In the bathroom, we are seeing a transition away from bath-shower combinations into single units. Some homeowners are choosing large walk-in showers decorated with beautiful tiling, others are choosing stand-alone spa-like tubs, and those who have room are adding both for convenience and ‘wow’ factor.

Other Rooms

Beyond the other typical rooms of the home like kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, home builders are noticing an increasing number of requests for bonus rooms. This includes:

  • Wine rooms and bars where the homeowner can nurture their love of wine and spirits with professional amenities.
  • Home offices, which reflects the fact that many people now work from home or telecommute on some days.
  • “Get away” rooms, which offer a place for relaxation, recreation and family time. Get away rooms can take many forms including entertainment or media rooms, libraries, formal living rooms and more.

Outdoor Spaces

As we mentioned earlier, home buyers who are building a new home in 2016 want to make every inch of their space functional, and this includes the outdoors. Because of the growing importance of at-home entertaining, new home builders are seeing requests for indoor-outdoor living spaces. For example, the main level may have a two or even three-panel sliding glass door that provides a view of nature. The glass doors may then open to a patio that is perfect for entertaining, and it may include other extras such as outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, or pizza ovens. All of these design choices are made to create a seamless flow of indoor and outdoor spaces and to maximize functionality.

With the trends featured above, it’s easy to see why home buyers entering the market in 2016 are strongly considering building a new home over buying a resale home. By gathering your ideas and contacting your local home builder, you can truly create the home of your dreams.  

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