03 February 2016

Can you paint over a water damaged ceiling?

A water damaged ceiling looks unsightly and the water can cause drywall to become loose. Both of

these problems obviously need to be addressed. The good news is that you can get rid of that ugly

water damage stain on your ceiling; it just takes a little bit of effort and knowledge.

We are going to take a look at what steps to take when painting a water damaged ceiling. This

includes the attention you have to pay to repairs that may necessary as a result of the water

damage. One thing it’s important to note before you start is that you need to ensure the source of

the water damage has been located, and the problem dealt with. You don’t want to do all of this

work only for the water damage to re-appear.

Check for loose drywall

In the case of a more serious leak there is every possibility that the water may have caused the

drywall to become loose from the joists. If this has happened the problem obviously needs to be

resolved before any painting is done. It’s easy to test to see if the drywall is loose; all you have to do

is give a gentle push in the area of the stain. If you can feel that it’s loose you will need to take some

drywall screws and fasten the panel back in place.

Check for any cracks 

It’s also possible that the presence of water may have caused cracks to form. If this is the case you

will need to fill in any cracks with spackle and allow it try dry for the recommended amount of time.

After it has dried you will then need to sand the area down.

Remove any mold

There is a chance that you may find mold on the stain caused by the water damage. If this is the case

you will need to remove the mold with a bleach solution, before letting it dry.

Use primer first

You can’t just paint directly over a water damage stain and expect it to disappear. After you have

made sure the area is repaired if necessary you then need to use an oil-based, quick drying primer.

Using this first means you will then be able to easily paint over the stain.

Painting the stain

Once the primer is dry you are able to paint the area. You should use water-proof paint that matches

the color of the original paintwork. Make sure that you paint using smooth strokes and that you start

dabbing when you reach the edge of the stain; this helps the paint to blend. You should apply two


If you carry out all of these processes then you should be able to paint over a stain that results from

water damage. It takes a little time and effort but you will soon have a ceiling that looks as good as

new again.

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