20 February 2016

Unconventional Ways to Find Interior Design Inspiration


You want the rooms of your home or office to speak to your tastes. But what are those, exactly? In an effort to get inspired we often jump the gun and start with things like favorite color or a style we’re vaguely familiar with. Soon our best intentions turn into mismanaged approaches and the result is a less-than-ideal look to your interior space. We’ve all been there before.

The obvious first step is to try and think like an interior designer. However, DIY interior design doesn’t need to be all dense theory and academic absorption. Inspiration can and ought to arrive in all sorts of ways. The following are just an example of some of the many unconventional methods to achieving desired interior design:

  • Look through homes for sale in other parts of the world. For example, San Diego real estate listings are sure to offer a glimpse into one-of-a-kind forms of architecture and interior design. Color combinations, use of space, and application of light are all things that can be seen in photos meant to try and sell a home. While your budget may call for a scaled down version, looking through the swankier listings will showcase the most original interior design styles to draw inspiration from.
  • Pay attention to art direction in movies and on television. Film and television studios pay good money to make sure the sets and scenery look perfect. Sometimes this means making sure the underbelly of a viaduct has just the right color scheme of spray paint, but most of the time it means making sure an interior space is in harmony with the production’s color palette. This typically leads to immaculately executed interior design styles, especially if the filmmakers are particularly known for striking visuals. Take notes when you like the look of a room in your favorite TV show - a lot of work went into making it look good and you can base your own approach on the design.
  • Go beyond the basics. Let yourself be inspired by animals, paintings, cars, or even music - it doesn’t simply have to be space, wall color, and furniture found elsewhere. The aforementioned array of graffiti along the walls of concrete canals can even serve as a launching pad for the mind. It may sound hippy dippy, but such an approach is how many successful interior designers choose to work.
  • Dreams: write them down. Some people have vivid dreams in terms of locale. This is particularly the case if interior design is weighing heavily on your mind during your waking hours. Keep a sketchpad and 120-count box of crayons by the bed and draw out (the best you can) any memorable looking spaces in your dreams. While you might end up passing on the octopus tentacle ceiling fan blades and the shag carpeted walls, you might find just the look you were wanting all along.

We all want to pull off professional-grade interior design when attempting to 'do it ourselves.' However, it’s easier to end up with a pedestrian look to a room than something spectacular when we opt to go at it alone. Too much energy is forced on trying to make inspiration happen, rather than letting it happen. Go out and take in the world to find interior design which suits your taste and budget.

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