28 October 2010

What do song birds and barrel tile roofs have in common?

I have a thing for birds. I've written about it here pretty often.

Passerina cyanea, the indigo bunting

I have a thing too for barrel tile roofs.

Fortunately, I live in a part of the world where they're a pretty common feature. I took this photo of a house up the street yesterday afternoon.

But until now, there was no way to combine my two loves. Enter the Dutch designer Klaas Kuiken.

Apparently, Meneer Kuiken shares my thing for birds and tile roofs too.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Speaking of birds, if you haven't seen this week's episode of Nature on PBS you need to. You'll never look at a crow the same way again. I practically idolize them and this program blew me away with how little I know. Good job PBS.


  1. Now that's what I consider genius! I imagine they'd have to be somewhere a little shaded since they'd get really hot in the summer if they weren't. There are a few houses in our neighborhood with those types of roofs, including our neighbor's. I think they're fake though. Some kind of composite material rather than real tile.
    I am babysitting a cattle egret with a broken wing for the next 2 weeks while my Bird Refuge friends are away on a trip.

  2. I won't lie - I squeed out loud when I saw these. I think I might even use the word 'adorable' which I NEVER do. But I can't help it!!

    Will check out PBS special fo sho!

  3. Thought that episode of Nature was brilliant. The bird houses on the roof are cool too. I would want them only in a climate that gets a fair bit of rain.

  4. Oh! I'll have to watch this later. It's funny, I was just telling my daughter that I must have been some kind of Corvus in a past life because I've always been fascinated by them. Thanks for the psychic post ;)

  5. Melody: You have a juvenile cattle egret at home with you? I can imagine that its quite a handful.

    Saucy: That PBS special was produced with you in mind. It has me wondering how I can befriend the murder of crows that hangs out in my hood here.

    Amy: I'm glad more people saw that Nature episode. I swear it was filled with far more aha moments than those programs are usually and that's really saying something.

    Becky: I'm really taken with them too.

    Nim: Can you pick up a Seattle PBS station where you are? If not, the whole show is on YouTube and on PBS's website.

  6. It's an adult and he just slashed me when I put him in his larger enclosure. Wading birds are cool, but they are not the most fun to handle!

  7. Yeah, they're not real soft and cuddly. It must be fascinating to watch him up close though.

  8. Corvids and coruscated corrugations. In a word - what an eye! Paul - you floor me, again, my friend.

  9. Richard, you of all people need to see that that nature episode. You HAVE TO.

  10. Hello!

    I added a link to this post on my birding blog - http://britbirderinbc.blogspot.com

    I just wish I had barrel tiles on my roof... dagnabit.

  11. Jon I'm honored. Thank you! Did you happen to see the episode of Nature I mentioned in that post. I believe the whole episode's available on PBS' website now. As a birder you'll appreciate it. Cheers and happy birding!


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