18 October 2010

Liberty from Trend USA proves that recycling is beautiful

At Cersaie, the international tile showcase held every year in Bologna, Trend USA launched a significant enhancement to its already impressive Liberty collection.

The glass used in the Liberty collection is 75% post-consumer recycled glass and the collection's now available in 14 color forms.

Each sheeted mosaic is hand cut, which gives it an imperfect leavening to the geometry of the pattern as a whole. The effect is subtle and hand made yet thoroughly modern at the same time.

It's patterns like Liberty that get me thinking about all the ways other than backsplashes where a dramatic mosaic can set the tone of a room. As the photos here show, this is not tile you'd want to hide.

Trend USA's products are available through showrooms worldwide. With the Liberty collection, Trend USA proves yet again that recycling and sustainable designs are beautiful.


  1. So smart and good-looking, just like our blog host. ;)

  2. (I think she wants something)

    love that bottom photo, v serene and chic

  3. Thanks Melissa, Trend's products are readily available in the UK as well.

  4. Oooh, beautiful tiles. I especially like the ones in the last picture -- great touch of glam :-)

    You would think more tile companies would use recycled glass for their products. Good for Trend USA for being environmentally friendly AND for producing such a great looking product :-)


  5. i've been a bit over glass tiles, but these are quite nice!

  6. Kelly: That last image seems to be getting the attention. But I swear, the stripes in the first image send me somewhere very nice.

    Christian: Thanks! That stripey wall reminds me of some of the things you like.

  7. Hi Paul and Melissa. Danny Hanlon here from Trend GB Ltd. If you would like more information regarding Trend products in the UK please don't hesitate to contact us on 01892 509690 or email heatherea@trend-gb.com. All the very best, Danny.

  8. hi guys, this is Marcello from TREND USA, i want to thank all of you for the nice comment. we have worked very hard to make new colors that can be interesting, recycled and original. it was a difficult task, one that occupied a lot of people for several months. The result is what you have seen and I AM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS LIKE IT, it really means a lot, since we worked hard. thank you again

  9. Thank you Marcello, all of your hard work shows!


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