26 October 2010

Remember the shoe tub?

Remember the shoe tub? Here's the post in case you don't know what I'm talking about.

It was that show tub that convinced me that Sicis, the Italian mosaic company, takes a model car approach to their marketing. By that I mean that they use their mosaics in unconventional ways to get people talking about them. There's no cynicism involved int his. They spend a lot of money on these projects. Every one of them is well-designed, well-made and for sale.

So knowing that, I wasn't surprised when I found out that Sicis is designing, manufacturing and selling furniture. All of these pieces highlight an integrated mosaic and it's interesting to keep that in mind when you see these fanciful chairs.

I'm not to worked up about any of these pieces and I can't shake the thought that any furniture they sell will be gravy. I'm convinced that having me write about Sicis mosaics is the whole reason this furniture exists.

What do you guys think? Are they just a company that's into a whole bunch of stuff or are these Sicis side projects part of a marketing plan? Do you think it's effective?


  1. OOOH!

    If the only reason SICIS is doing furniture and shoetubs and the like is to get me to look at their mosaics it worked. Genius work on their part.

  2. That's strictly a conjecture on my part but I can't see how things like this would make any sense otherwise.

  3. Interesting... those blue flowers on the first loveseat looks like a huge alien vulva. I like the pink moon chairs though, looks like a confy place to sit while I plan my magical take over of the world :)

  4. Well their marketing campaign worked! It really attracted our attention. Just like some of the clothing designers do way out designs for their runway shows that no sane person would wear, SICIS is pushing the envelope in their designs to get noticed, brilliant. Speaking of sane person, I may be a little crazy because I would consider the last black rose bucket chairs in a room as a conversation starter. Can see them in a bedroom suite, giant black and white rose print on bedding uuummm....

  5. Well, if you're going to call yourself The Art Factory, you probably should be making some art! Sicis took this marketing position to differentiate themselves from "industrial" producers of mosaics. They want to be Nordstrom, not K-Mart. That means good design, pushing the limits and design PLAY -- which is sooooo Italian. Trend has their penguins and cacti. Check out the "Cracking Art" video on their website, here: http://www.mytrendtv.tv/en (sorry I couldn't get an individual address)

  6. I do remember the shoe tub tile! How could I forget - it's the most remembered post I have.

    This was news to me. I'm not as fond of their furniture concepts. Yes. I like the tubs better. And, I can't imagine any of these being sold. So, if it is not part of their marketing plan, they know something I don't!

  7. Nim: That chair does look like the throne of an evil queen. Hmmm.

    Sue, Nancie and Bill: Sicis is a fascinating company to play armchair analyst with. I have no idea what their plans are but there's no way that there is no plan. I swear, they run themselves more like a fashion house than a tile foundry. It's the enigma of the whole enterprise that fascinates me. And oh yeah, they make beautiful tile.

  8. I like their tile and I think it's an interesting marketing strategy (and not dissimilar to some others in our field, no?)

    I agree with Nanci above - and yes, could totally see any of those pieces in a Klimpton hotel lobby (or any of the boutique hotels)somewhere.

  9. I don't think it is cynical to imagine that they are doing this for purely marketing reasons. It could be absolutely true.

    But what sets them apart is that they are not doing some half-assed job and just throwing crap out there in an effort to say "Look at me! Look at me!"

    There is clearly a warm, beating creative heart behind all of these pieces. Real design talent is at work (and I bet they are having some fun with it too.)


    P.S. Love the "Huge Alien Vulva" comment. Would be a great name for a band.

  10. I am not knocking them in the least, I am a huge fan of all things Sicis. They do nothing half way, I'll give them that. I appreciate your comment Kathy and it reminds me that I owe you a profile post.


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