01 October 2010

All the way from the Dominican Republic, Jorge Aguayo checks in

I wrote a post about cement tiles from Aguayo last May and it launched a discussion and cement tile love-fest in the comments that followed the post. Yesterday, Jorge Aguayo himself left another comment on that thread and I wanted to make sure that more people saw what he had to say.

Greetings from the Dominican Republic! I'm kind of disappointed that I only got to discover this great discussion today! It is really awesome that cement tile has made a comeback such as this. If any of you would like to see what the manufacturing process is like at our plant just go to youtube and type in Mosaicos Aguayo.

Jorge Aguayo

And here's the video he mentions:

Thanks Jorge! You can find out more about Industrias Aguayo on their website. When you're ready to buy some Aguayo cement tile, I highly recommend that you purchase it from Avente Tile in Los Angeles. Avente sells online and ships worldwide. So from the Dominican Republic to Los Angeles to wherever you are, these tiles are available.


  1. Paul, WOW! Thanks for your strong support of Avente Tile and cement tile as a design material. It's great that you shared this video with your readers because you can learn so much in a few minutes. And, thanks to Jorge and the Aguayo Cement Tile Team for their great support!

    Learn more about cement tile manufacturing and installation at our blog, Avente Tile Talk and Avente Tile's YouTube Channel.

  2. My pleasure Bill, you deserve it!


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