20 October 2010

Kitchens.com just unveiled idea boards for real people

The great site Kitchens.com rolled out a big new initiative, for lack of a better term, last week and I want to give it some attention.

Not all kitchen renovations are big-budget, high-end projects. The overwhelming majority of them aren't. But for the people in the middle, there doesn't seem to be anywhere to go for any kind of professional design guidance. That's unfortunate and the fault for that lies squarely with people like me and the industry we're part of.

Well Kitchens.com set out to begin to correct for that omission. In what is the first part of an ongoing project, Kitchens.com took three, well-designed, accessible kitchens and turned them into ten completely different kitchens.

Everything been done virtually of course but where it gets interesting is that each of the designs is shown in a nearly photographic rendering and there are at least five different perspectives of each design.

Then they took and found a source for every element that's used in each design. You can use these design boards for inspiration of course, but you can also use them to generate shopping lists.

It's a really great idea that's long overdue.

The images scattered around this post are some of the stills from Kitchen.com's new idea boards of course and I urge you to go see the whole project. It's quite a compilation. So kudos to the entire Kitchens.com team. real people everywhere are singing your praises.


  1. Are you kidding me?! These aren't REAL pictures of kitchens?! Wow!! Where was this baby when we were doing our kitchen makeover?! Oh well, that's OK - I had you for help :-)

    I'll definitely be checking out Kitchens.com. Thanks for the heads-up.


  2. It's magic! They did do a pretty stunning job on these renderings.

  3. The renderings are amazing. Here I go again. I wonder what program they used.

  4. The original models were drawn in SketchUp and then imported into 3D Studio Max from AutoCad. I agree, they are amazing. There are a few of them that REALLY look like photographs.


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