23 August 2010

A visit with Sub- Zero/ Wolf

I am on my way to Madison, WI this morning and I ought to arrive there some time this afternoon. I'll be in Madison through Thursday and by then I'll know more about dual compressor refrigeration and cutting edge cooking appliances than I ever knew there was to know. I can't wait.

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In the interest of disclosure, Sub-Zero/ Wolf is footing the bill for this trip and I'll be writing about my experiences with them in Madison for the next few days. Sub-Zero/ Wolf is a brand I trust and specify under usual circumstances and it's a brand loyalty I developed long before there was any talk of my being flown to their headquarters.

My posting schedule will be a little off through the end of the week and I'll post things as I can. I promise lots of photos, good stories and since I'll be cooking in a Sub-Zero/ Wolf test kitchen for part of this week, recipes and tips from the Sub-Zero/ Wolf chefs.

Sub-Zero/ Wolf has been making great appliances for more than 60 years there's no end in sight. I'm looking forward to seeing the wonders that await me on their home turf. Here are their websites: Sub-Zero and Wolf.

If anybody has some questions or anything else he or she'd like for me to look into while I'm in Madison this week, either leave me a a comment or shoot me an e-mail and I'll do my best.


  1. Awesome! Have a great time, Paul- Look forward to hearing about your time.

    Safe travels!

  2. Looking forward to hearing more! A Subzero / Wolf retailer just opened up locally (Melbourne, Australia).

    My initial reaction was to fall in love with the branding - I especially loved the pairing of the two names (made me think the brand is very exotic - since we don't get much of wolves or sub-zero temperatures in Australia, and very tough - think discovery channel footage of hungry wolves hunting the snow... )

    Anyway - i've been wanting to know if i can use their appliances in my kitchen when I replace the existing one. I'm in a unit (I think you would call this a condo?) and need to stay with the current galley kitchen layout. The kitchen is a 'work' space, and I really love the industrial look of Wolf appliances.

    My kitchen space is not huge, but fortunately I like to to cook - so I don't mind not having space to socialise in there - one person is great - two OK, but three is probably (and four definitely) too many. So my main worry is that - like all things US (sorry to stereotype) - Subzero Wolf seem to mainly make BIG things.

    So I'm really hoping there's some stuff that they're going to send to Australia that will be suitable for a working kitchen, but on a more modest, domestic, kind of scale.

  3. Nick: Thank you! You're coming on one of these industry trips with me one of these days.

    Elisabeth: Sub-Zero/ Wolf is pretty popular in the UK and that's not a place renowned for its large kitchens. They specialize in built in refrigeration and have a whole compliment of built in cooking appliances too. I'll bring up the topic of their international business and how they tailor their offerings for non-US markets during my conference this week. Thanks!

  4. Yaaayyyy Paul! What an exciting opportunity for you! I can't wait to read your blog about your discoveries!

    Elizabeth, Yeah I always think BIG when it comes to Subzero/Wolf too. But really, you'd be amazed at some of the small kitchen ideas they have. The ones I like are their integrated modules (like the ones featured in last-year's HGTV giveaway home). Specifically, I like Wolf's built in steamer that can be used as a crock pot --two ways I like to cook a lot. They also have refrigerator and freezer drawers that are great for small spaces.

  5. Have a great time, Paul. I can't wait to read the recaps, especially about the new columns. And make sure to include some info on what you saw/ate in Madison -- I used to live there!

  6. My birthday is on Friday. Please send me 6 of those cool brick red stove knobs Wolf makes. I will spread good rumors about you. Or not, if you don't comply! You're welcome.

  7. Are Wolf's down drafts an alternative to range hoods? Its so much neater in the kitchen if you don't have to have all that overhead bulk - but how good is down draft technology?


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