08 August 2010

Regenesi recycles with grace and style

About a month ago, my good friend Saxon Henry wrote an article for her great design site, Roaming by Design. Her article was an interview with Silvia Pazzi and an overview of the products being offered by her company Regenesi.

Regenesi is a producer of designed products for the home and elsewhere and it was founded two years ago in Bologna. Regenesi has launched in the US recently and it was this lamp that hooked me.

The Lamp is part of the O-Re-Gami collection designed by Matali Crasset and it's made from regenerated leather. Like all of the raw materials used to make Regenesi's products, O-Re-Gami's regenerated leather is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

The O-Re-Gami collection also consists of a waste can and a cup, both made from the same material.

Regenesi's two guiding principles are that everything they make be beautiful and sustainable, and without exception, their offerings are so beautiful you'd never imagine them to be green products. Say goodbye to the hair shirts, Regenesi's rewriting the rules.

Take a look through their website, you find that everything adheres to their motto, Il bello é sostenibile. On that site, you'll find everything from the O-Re-Gami collection above to jewelry and all of it's recycled, recyclable and most importantly, sustainable. Italian grace and style have a new voice in Regenesi.


  1. eh, don't think I like so much...sometimes just because something is "recycled" I think we are expected to like it. often I find I do not. But then again, I am the woman who said, green products? not flying in my neck of the woods...in front of a live audience:)

    So am once again politically "in" correct!

  2. ok so looked at the website..which gave me a huge headache because is very unfriendly to navigate ( am I just a bitch tonight???) but I did see some other things I liked ...just not the lights. just wanted to be fair:) and see the rest of the offerings. And how much pray tell is the light? this is the thing about "green" poo foo stuff...so freaking expensive! Not that I like chinese made junk either...but well made Italian, German products....that I like.

  3. Oh believe me, no one's bullshit alarm goes off louder than mine when it hears "green." 80% of that stuff hogwash if not more. These things of Regenesi's are beautiful regardless, and not one of them looks like it's recycled. I think these lamps are beautiful and I love the idea of making pendants out of leather.


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