11 August 2010

All in Good Food, a new chef's blog from GE Monogram

GE Monogram has two full-time chefs and the rule over the kitchen at GE Monogram's Experience Center in Louisville, KY. Chefs Joe Castro and Brian Logsdon have been working together for more than ten years, first at a Lousiville fine dining restaurant and now at the Monogram Experience center. They're as entertaining as they are accomplished chefs and I'm thrilled to see that GE Monogram's given them their own spot on the internet.

The blog launched a few weeks ago and they've been adding content steadily. The site looks fantastic, it's easy to navigate and it's brimming with great ideas and recipes. There's even a story by me.

So pop on over and give Joe and Brain a warm welcome to the blogosphere. They have a pizza dough recipe that rivals mine in its simplicity and if it's anything like the na'an recipe I got from them last summer, it will put mine to shame. All in Good Food can be found here.


  1. Now you've made me all hungry. Can you just come on over and make the pizza and na'an for me? That would be ideal!

  2. Na'ans are easy! I'll post the recipe.


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