14 August 2010

Natalie Blake for kitchen and bath

I love the work of Natalie Blake and her sgraffito tile. I've written about it before. Several times before. Here, here and here.

Any time I see it, it's always displayed as an art installation. It's fitting that it should be treated as art but I always wonder how it would be when it's used as a real, functional tile.

I don't need to wonder any longer. Natalie just sent me a new batch of photographs and they feature her work as bath and kitchen back splashes.

I'm in love with her work all over again.

The series shown here is from her Unalun studio and it's available exclusively through Ann Sacks. As always, Unalun is happy to work with you to customize their products. Check out the collection on Ann Sacks' website and learn even more from Unlaun directly.


  1. LOVE the colour and finish on these tiles - so rich, but because they are not glossy I expect they'd be easy to live with for quite some long time.

  2. Thanks Elisabeth, everything this woman does is golden. The relief on them is so subtle yet the colors are so strong. The whole series has a terrific yin tang going.

  3. I've actually not seen these before! Such beautiful tile, I have a feeling I'm going to be lost in the Unalun website for awhile today. :) Thanks for the introduction Paul.

  4. I'm so drawn tot hem I can't help myself. There's just something about their undulating shapes that appeals to me on a very fundamental level.


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