07 August 2010

Fashion firsts from an avowed non-fashion person

I was doing a Google image search the other night. Oddly enough, I was looking for an image of a pink feather, preferably one from a roseate spoonbill. Roseate spoonbills are my favorite local wading bird you see.

In my search results, I came across this photograph of Demi Moore from a fashion spread she did for Harper's Bazaar last spring. Something looked oddly familiar.

What looked so familiar was the dress she's wearing. Why it looked familiar was made blindingly apparent when I read who the designer was. Fashionistas out there don't need the reminder but for the rest of us, that dress was designed by Jason Wu.

Well, I was there when the dress made its debut at Fashion Week in the fall of '09. Many, endless thanks to Brizo for seating me prominently enough to take this bad photo of it as it marched down a runway for the first time ever.

My head still spins when I think about it. Me? At Fashion Week? And not just once, but twice. This blog has changed my life on a very fundamental level and I stammer when I try to express my gratitude. Never in a million years could I have predicted any of this two and-a-half years ago when I didn't know what a blog was.

Thank you Charlie Kondek from Manning, Selvage and Lee and just as many thanks to Jai Massela and the rest of the gang at Brizo.


  1. You, Paul Anater stammer? I find that hard to believe as you are one of the most articulate Bloggers on the internet. (That is a compliment Paul).

    On the subject of fashion and faucets, one has to admit it is an interesting combination.


  2. Would you consider being the Mr. Blackwell of kitchen design? Oh. I SO love that idea. What shall we call the awards? So many possibilities.

  3. Paul: I feel the same. I have not had the success you have attained with all of your hard and diligent work on your own blog as well as your other ventures but still feel extremely fortunate for the contacts made. Joseph Freenor made reference in his blog and thanked me for hooking him with our beloved Charlie, but really the thanks should go to you...for without you, I would not had the opportunity to pay it forward with the introductions!! And, by the way, good eye on catching that dress!! You are good at the details! By the way, next time you go out of town, I would love to be included on your guest blogger list!

  4. oops....did not mean to have 2 "by the ways"! I promise I can write better than that!

  5. Brenda: Yes, me at a loss for words. It happens from time to time. I don't get overcome by emotion very often but when I do it's usually because I'm overwhelmingly grateful for something. In this case, grateful for what my life's turned into in the last couple of years.

    Nancie: I think I have that reputation already. :)

    Cheryl: Thank you for being so willing to play along with last spring's wild adventure. First fashion week and then a couple months after that we were talking to Jonathan Adler. Amazing isn't it? I saw Joe Freenor's blog post and it was cool to see him heaping such praise on you. Doesn't it feel great to spread it around? I swear, I get as much pleasure from including other good people in my adventures as I get from adventures themselves.

  6. that because you are a blog supahstar! and yes, this blogging thing is pretty cool (mostly ;-)


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