14 June 2010

Who is Nate Berkus?

The Moggit Girls, Joy and Janet have some thing going with Nate Berkus and today is some kind of a Nate Day extravaganza. The only problem is that I have no idea who the hell Nate Berkus is.

Apparently, he's some kind of an Oprah protégé. Please note that I used the correct masculine form there. His connection to Oprah would explain why I don't know who he is. Oprah makes my stomach turn. There. I said it.

Anyhow, he's some kind of a design wunderkind and by mentioning him the Moggit Girls will end up on his show and I'll get a satchel full of gold. They promised. He still needs a shave and a haircut. I'd link to his website but it's down for maintenance.

Do I get my gold now?


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one, Paul! After Oprah spawned Dr. Phil and that magazine that constantly has her face on it I haven't paid her any attention.

  2. I can't believe you're making fun of my girlfriend Oprah AND my designer boyfriend Nate??!!

  3. He's cute in that scruffy way that I like.. but seriously, who cares what Oprah thinks? She gives voice to people like that nut-job anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy. That's reason enough to not listen to anyone else she has on..

  4. I love Nate-y. I don't think he's devil spawn like Dr. Phil, but you can judge for yourself!! He has a line of furnishings on HSN.com.

  5. You crack me up, Paul.

    I find his work a little inconsistent. When he's good, he's really good. But sometimes, his spaces are a little lacking.

    But he's very good-looking and telegenic. The two most important qualities to Oprah.

  6. I have a hard time concentrating on his work since I am so distracted thinking of how cute he is. He looks SO MUCH like my OB/GYN doctor that I had in Texas before I moved that delivered my daughter. He was homosexual and looked like Nate Berkus and I forever thought maybe just maybe he'd change his persuasion just for me. Needless to say, that never happened. Oh well! It didn't hurt to dream.

  7. Well, to me this guy epitomizes so much of what has kept me permanently out-of-step with this modern world. What is with this “didn’t shave today” look? I think it looks sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. And I speak as one who absolutely hates wearing a suit and is forever looking for ways around it, even though the occasion may actually call for one. But I do show up with a cleanly-shaven face. So, when did this sloppy look start? I’ve even seen movies where the “young hunk” hero was in various scenes over a series of days, each time with the same amount of stubble! How the hell do they do that? And spiked hair! Don’t get me started on spiked hair. If it were a choice between spiked hair and my current bald pate, I would remain bald. I will anyway, but that’s not really a choice so much as it is AWOL hair follicles. In answer to your question, I don’t know who Nate is either. But you kind of figured that out by now, right?

  8. Nim: Exactly. I have the same reaction any time I hear of someone or something Oprah endorses. The woman has zero credibility. Between Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Oz, and what ever charlatan's judged to be cool this week, I tend to tune out when ever I hear her name.

    MS: Your designer boyfriend? I think he likes outies and you have an innie.

    Nick: I'm right there with you.

    Erika: HSN? Is that a better or worse endorsement than an affiliation with Oprah?

    Raina: He's a teenager, no wonder he's inconsistent.

    Sharon: I know a couple of gay OBs. I never understood it frankly, but I can imagine that it would have an appeal to a patient.

    Joseph: Testify!

  9. HSN - yeah yeah, it ain't the classiest, but the poor guy's gotta make a living, right? Maybe once he gets his show he'll make a deal with a better retailer. As you can see, it's hard for me to see his flaws through his boyish smile.

  10. Kind of a scruffy Christopher Lowell.


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