03 June 2010

I got moxie

You bet I have moxie, Building Moxie that is. The great JB Bartkowiak's reborn blog featured one of my screeds this morning. It's a rehash of something that appeared here previously but it poses a question that can never be posed often enough.

Check out my post and the rest of JB's posts at Building Moxie.


  1. That was a good post, Mr. Moxie.

  2. Thanks Raina, The People seem to enjoy that one.

  3. Great post :-) This is what I've been telling hubby for years -- who cares about resale value, we're the ones living in the house right now, let's do what we (I mean I!!) want :-)


  4. Kelly! How have you been? Print out that column and tape it to the bathroom mirror so Brian sees it every morning.


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