30 June 2010

Cabinet hardware by DuVerre adds the finishing touch

I've long admired DuVerre hardware and it's both a pleasure and an honor to sell it now. DuVerre takes a different approach to what's all-too-frequently a mundane afterthought and makes it the center of attention. How can something like this not be the attention grabber wherever it's used?

Though most often used on cabinetry doors and drawers, this hardware's beautiful enough that it could be used anywhere. I can see it on furniture, on closet doors, even used as hooks in a bathroom or master suite.

DuVerre works with such design luminaries as Clodagh, Christopher Smith, Scot Laughton, William Harvey and many more. The results of these collaboration are unlike anything else out there. Here are some more terrific examples of what's available.

You can see the rest of their collection on their website and if you're ever interested in having any of these selection in your own home, I can help you with that. That wasn't too obvious was it? Anyhow, don't settle for an afterthought, use DuVerre for a real finishing touch.


  1. That is really stunning hardware - I wish my company offered it to our customers - I will have to look at their website!

  2. * Hi! Am putting together a file for some kitchen "changes"... found "THE" perfect hardware I sort of had pictured in my mind here, so, MANY THANKS!!!!

    Linda in Az *

  3. Lauren: They are always looking for distributors.

    Raina: This stuff has to be seen in person, believe me.

    Linda: I can help you buy this stuff...

  4. Paul ~ Just came back after viewing their website (a delightful "accident"!), & again, saw "THE" long handles I've been seriously thinking about (the "FC" series)... I think it might look great w/ the beautiful stone we just had done in the house...If you can assist, I WOULD appreciate it!

    Thanks, Paul!
    Linda in AZ *
    bellesmom1234@comcast.net (If you want to e-mail me, I can give you my phone #, etc so we can discuss it all... thanks again!)...


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