10 June 2010

HGTV's Design Star spawns an uprising

The fifth season of HGTV's Design Star debuts on Sunday night. Yeah, I'll watch it. But it'll be the way somebody watches a train wreck. Here's the promo shot.

Guts? Glory? Glam? Come on, it's interior design; and hokey interior design at that. Can we please stop caging interior design in terms that conjure acts of bravery and daring-do?

Anyhow, Design Star has a panel of judges made up of HGTV's resident stars; Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder and Candice Olson. They furrow their brows and act mean for the cameras as the contestants whip out poorly-executed rooms in a vain attempt to communicate their signature styles. Ugh.

I think the whole enterprise does a disservice to our honorable profession and the show would benefit from some levity. A whole lot of levity.

A couple of us were opining about the show on Twitter last night when @layersandlayers and @ZiaPriven and I came up with the idea to draft Joy and Janet, the Moggit Girls, to be judges on Design Star.

Any why not? They are already HGTV stars in their own right and they would counteract the sitting judges' mean-ness perfectly.

The future of humanity itself hangs in the balance here if I can borrow some of HGTV's heroism talk. If you're a Twitterer, join our movement. The Moggit Girls tweet as @moggitgirls and when you tweet your demands that they be cast to sit in the throne of judgment, use the hashtag #judgemoggits. If anybody has a better idea for a hashtag, let me know.

C'mon kids, let's start an HGTV uprising, a revolution. To the barricades!


  1. Ha! On the My Favorite and My Best blog yesterday, I said I was going to pitch a show to HGTV that would have a panel of bloggers narrating Design Star. They could still have the format they seem to love so much, but it could air a second time with narration.

    I'm seriously thinking of pitching the idea. HGTV seemed desperate for something edgy (hence the selection of Antonio last year), so maybe they'd go for it. Goodness knows it'd be a cheap show to produce. The biggest line item in the budget would be for wine.

  2. Pitch away and let me know if there's anything you need!

  3. Why not have bloggers as judges? Certainly the ladies could offer up their own brand of funny which is better than all the serious cape-waving-and-mustache twirling that goes on.

    I also think you should join them. I'd so watch that!

  4. Reading the musings and ramblings about the show are so much more amusing than the actual show. I swore off watching the it after the last season when biker bad boy Antonio won... now maybe I'll have to watch just to stay in the loop regarding the comments! HA... "cape-waving-and-mustache twirling" SO funny. Thanks for putting it in perspective Kelly!

  5. Well Kelly, my plan is to have the Moggit Girls end up as judges and to be my source on the inside. Then when they do the dreaded kitchen episode, the Blogger 19 will rappel onto the set commando-style to save the day.

    Pam: I quit watching it when I saw one of those hapless contestants filling a gap in a granite seam with painter's caulk.

    I love Kelly's cape-waving-and-mustache-twirling line too. Brava Kelly!

  6. From MoggitGirls Twitter account, June 8:

    Can't wait to participate as Guest Judges Jun 27 on twitter for HGTV's new season of Design Star! Hope you'll join us! #designstar
    8:29 PM Jun 8th via web

  7. I sit in wait for the kitchen episode.

  8. Hee heee. I can't wait either. I still like the idea of a Blogger 19 intervention on that episode.

  9. I hate it when "everyday" people (isn't that terrible?) find out I am into design and decorating and they ask me, "Do you watch a lot of HGTV?" I always answer, "Hmmmm....no." They are always very confused.

  10. I hate it when everyday people find out it's what I do for a living and ask me the same thing. I usually go ballistic.


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