21 June 2010

Re-imagined indoor and outdoor lights from Vibia

Vibia is a lighting brand made by in Grupo T Diffusion in Barcelona. I saw this light fixture in a hotel lobby in New York a couple of months ago and I was really taken with it.

It turns out that the fixture I saw was the Ameba by Vibia and it's a modular lighting system. You mix and match five interlocking shapes to make an infinite variety of lighting fixtures. They use compact fluorescent bulbs, come prewired and fit together easily. I think they're arresting to see and the design behind them is bordering on genius.

Once I figured out who the manufacturer was, digging around on their website felt like Christmas morning. These people do some amazing stuff.

What impressed me more than anything else was their take on outdoor lighting, Vibia's Tree series in particular. The shapes take their cue from poplar and cypress trees that ring the Mediterranean and I've never seen anything like them.

These outdoor fixtures are weather resistant and use either CFLs or LEDs so they're energy-efficient as well.

But it gets even cooler with the Halley fixtures. The Halley fixtures are all LED, low-voltage lights and I know I've never seen anything like them. As interesting as the walkway lights are, the dining lights take outdoor lighting into a new place all together.

I'm not kidding when I say that Vibia has re-imagined indoor and outdoor lights. Poke around on their site.


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