21 October 2010

Great new patterns from New Ravenna Mosaics

It is no secret that I have a thing for marble, mosaics and anything made by New Ravenna Mosaics. Well New Ravenna just released some new mosaic patterns this week and I think they're spectacular. The pattern above and below is called Ganesha and it's shown here in honed Calacatta marble.

As is the case with the rest of their patterns, you can order any New Ravenna mosaic pattern in any stone or art glass color they have available. Trust me, the size of their materials library is staggering and they love made to order work.

The next pattern is called Jacqueline Vine and it's shown here in Thassos marble.

What's unique about these patterns is that they're all water jetted of course, but where they get interesting is that the grout lines are an integral part of the design. Jacqueline Vine gets a lot of its impact from the sanded grout that surrounds the pieces of Thassos. As stunning as it would look on a wall, Jacqueline Vine on a floor would be a real knock out.

Raj is shown here in polished Calacatta and honed Thassos.

I love how the two stones add a subtle tonal variation that accents the textures in the patterns.

It's a terrific, interesting effect. It's glamorous but not fussy and that's a tough act to pull off.

Finally, here's one of my favorite patterns from their extensive catalog. This is Octopus's Garden and I saw this one with my own eyes last April at Coverings 2010.

Octopus's Garden is shown here in a white art glass but as I mentioned earlier, it can be made with any of the materials New Ravenna can get their hands on.

Just as was the case with the Jacquline Vine, Octopus's Garden pattern is utterly dependent on the grout lines to define the shapes. Here's a close up of the seahorse.

There are a number of creatures in Octopus's Garden and you can mix and match them at will. Have a thing for seahorses? Then get it in all seahorses. Starfish? Sand dollars? If you can imagine it, they can do it.

Art and commerce can co-exist and New Ravenna Mosaics is living proof of that. You can find the rest of their collection on their website, but you'll only see these great new patterns here.

I love 'em all. Which one's your favorite?


  1. Paul, These are all gorgeous! Thanks for posting

  2. Oh my goodness! I think I've died and gone to tile heaven looking at those pictures.

  3. Thanks, there are even more to come. Nobody else even thinks like this. Nobody.

  4. What great photography! The tile is always stunning.

  5. LOVE! They are always stunning. New Ravenna is the bee knees and crushes SICIS & Bizassa in my eyes. Not to mention how great Sara is.

  6. Laurie, Ann and Lee: Thanks for the comments. New Ravenna never fails to amaze, do they?

  7. Paul, we are all so flattered and thrilled to be included yet again in such a fine venue and with such good company! We can't thank you enough. Our dealers should be receiving these sample boards by next week, even Marla Davidson in your area. Keeping fingers crossed! Thanks again for such generous support.

  8. Any time Sara, you guys make me look good by association!

  9. Amazing! They always do the best! I love their designs.

  10. That Jacquline Vine is to die for! I'd love to see some art deco water jet patterns too.

  11. New Ravenna is certainly at the top of their craft! I've loved and followed their tile lines for many a year. The Jacqueline Vine with the integral grout line is a new favorite.

    What I have always noticed is that they offer style without being over-the-top; or, as you put it, "glamorous but not fussy."

    Thanks for highlighting a fabulous American tile artisan.

  12. Sue, Becky, Grace and Bill: You really need to see their wares in person to get the real effect. Even better if you find yourself in Exmore, VA. That way you can see their studios. I hesitate to call where they work a factory because it's really just a big studio. Find a local dealer and go look at it, you'll never look at mosaics the same way.

  13. Wow! Absolutely stunning designs. Thanks so much for introducing them to me.

  14. You are welcome! I've written about New Ravenna a lot in the last couple of years. They're always coming up with new things to amaze. Check out the collections on their website.

  15. Also, Paul, I want to say to all the people who have complimented us here, on behalf of all of us at New Ravenna, a big THANK YOU. And thanks again Paul for having such good taste!

    Another thing, I really need to change that profile pic of me where my head is chopped off, don't I?

  16. OMG that Jacqueline Vine one... is the most beautiful tile I have ever seen. BIg statement but true. If only it was available down here in the colonies. A-M xx

  17. Wow, all of these tiles are stunning! I love the whimsy of Octopus's Garden - so fun with the seahorses and sand dollars and starfish :-) It would look fabulous done in watery greens & blues.

    I also really like Ganesha.


  18. Sara: I never noticed that until you brought it up. Replace it with that shot of you and Grace in front of the fountain. Great photo!

    AM: New Ravenna ships their stuff everywhere. Just shoot 'em an e-mail. Really.

    Kelly: They DO make that one in a blue-y green art glass...

  19. STUPENDOUS! (I am actually at a lost for words.)
    Thanks for sharing Paul. -Brenda-


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