28 June 2021

The 5 Best Remodeling Methods to Upgrade Your Church

Church upgrades are a fantastic way to energize your congregation and get the feeling of community back on track after a long time away from in-person worship. Yet bringing back your ceremonies and meetings will require a revamping of the physical space that you all share in these functions.

Time away and the powerful weathering effect of time itself have created the need for many chapel upgrades and overall maintenance work within churches all around the United States. With these five tips, remodeling your church and getting back on track can be made easy.

1. Start with the roof.

Your roof is one of the most important components of the building itself. A new roof installation or a roof repair is best done by professional roofing contractors. Hiring one of many Northern Virginia roofing contractors to complete any repair work that you may need on your building is crucial for success in this space. It’s the best way to ensure the safety and health of the people who will once again rely on the structural integrity of the church’s physical presence on a weekly or daily basis. A contractor who can provide references and samples of their past roof repair work is a great choice in this industry.

The truth is that roofs have a shelf life just like anything else. The average roof—commercial or residential—will often last for about twenty years before needing a replacement. Take this aspect of your building seriously and continue to provide the physical shelter that your congregation has relied on for many years.

2. Consider other external needs as well.

Beyond the roof concerns that you may have, there are a number of other important upgrades and repairs to make around the exterior of the property. Gutter cleaning, Siding replacement, and landscaping are all important steps to take when working to renovate your church for an imminent reopening. Gutters and siding are particularly important because without proper maintenance in these areas the building can become susceptible to mold growth, rot, or insect infestation. Take care of the building itself and it will pay you and your congregation back in spades.

3. Landscaping

While still focusing on external components of the church grounds, it would be a mistake to discount the importance of great landscaping. Quality work in this area can provide you and your faith-based community a fantastic worship space that can flow out into the fresh air during the summer months or on a nice autumn day.

Studies have shown that time spent in green spaces can reduce stress and promote overall health and wellbeing. Coupling the power of communal spirituality with these benefits can be a great boost for your community.

4. Bring in a new slate of amenities within the church in order to boost attendance.

Church supplies—banners, envelopes, communion supplies, and everything else you use on a daily and weekly basis must be replenished after a long stretch away from community events. The church equipment that you rely on to manage mass and the various needs of your community is crucial to a great service. Make sure you’re up to date on these staples.

5. Consider an interior overhaul.

An overhaul that sees a totally new interior could be the perfect way to welcome back your congregation after a long time away. Putting down new flooring, revamping the pews and altar, and adding new decorative flair that gets worshippers in the spirit of faith and community can be a game changer for any church.

Going all out on your renovations can perhaps give you the spark you’ve been looking for to restart your community’s engagement.

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