24 June 2021

6 Big Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber to Fix Your Leaking Toilet

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According to EPA statistics, most Baltimore residents experience plumbing leaks that result in over one trillion gallons of waste water. Many homeowners understand that house appliances do not remain in stellar conditions for an extended period. You might encounter numerous plumbing issues such as a leaking toilet, a clogged bathroom, or cracked walls. When you encounter such faults, you might be tempted to carry out a DIY project on your plumbing system. Such repairs can cause further damages and extra costs because you are not a certified plumber. Therefore, you need to hire a professional plumber to sort out all your plumbing issues, especially a leaky faucet.

Below are reasons why you should call a licensed plumber to handle your leaking toilet.

1. Plumbing Equipment 

Professional plumbers have special equipment for specific repairs. Hence, when you opt to fix your toilet with any tool, you might not achieve the desired results. Most homeowners do not have these plumbing tools, and trying to compromise with other equipment might result in further problems that were not present. Moreover, one needs the required expertise to repair a leaking faucet successfully. Thus, hiring a certified plumber is the best decision, and you will not have to worry about purchasing the right tools for the DIY job. 

2. Service Warranties

Using an unlicensed plumber to fix your leaking faucet is a huge blunder since they do not provide any service warranty. Conversely, professional plumbers have this option as a mandatory policy. Hence, experts will always do a perfect job and ensure you get real value for your money because they do not want to return in case of any faults. However, if you encounter a faulty component, the professional plumbing company will offer free repairs. Instead of repairing the leaking toilet or getting an amateur, it is always wise to call expert plumbers to handle your plumbing repairs and enjoy the insurance cover. 

3. Reduces Damages

Leaking toilets often occur when you least expect, and trying to solve the problem immediately might result in further damages. You might puncture the pipes or destroy the faucet beyond repair. Most homeowners try to do DIY repairs, not knowing they might escalate the problem. More plumbing problems mean you will spend extra cash on repairs. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid such situations by hiring a skilled and certified plumber to handle the issue. 

4. Comprehensive Diagnostics

Another significant benefit of calling an expert plumber is thorough inspection and evaluation of the plumbing problem. The professional might identify other underlying issues that you did not know existed before. Homeowners usually get detailed diagnostics of the entire plumbing system. This prevents impending plumbing disasters from occurring. In addition, an expert will dig further to establish the cause of the leaking toilet and offer practical advice to the homeowners to avoid such problems from recurring. 

5. Professionalism

Certified plumbers often operate with a sense of professionalism and integrity. The experts often undergo training to establish various plumbing issues and how to fix the repairs. Amateur plumbers can use the wrong tools to fix faulty components. Without any warranty, you can’t claim any free maintenance in case the issue is unresolved. Therefore, professionalism is a fundamental aspect that homeowners need to look out for in plumbing companies to get permanent solutions. 

6. Health and Safety

Plumbing might seem like an easy DIY project when you encounter a leaking toilet. However, the repair is beyond the leaky faucet and malfunctioning system. You can get exposed to harmful contaminants and health hazards while trying to fix the issue alone. Apart from puncturing water pipes, you might mess up the entire sewer line and contaminate drinking water. Therefore, it is much safer to hire a certified plumber to handle all the plumbing repairs.    They have the expertise to follow health and safety regulations. Ultimately, professional plumbers prioritize the safety of your home and community while carrying out efficient services. 

When it comes to plumbing, it is advisable not to gamble with your home. Whether it is a leaking toilet or a broken pipe, make sure you call a professional plumber to fix the repair. While it may be cheaper to handle the issue, you might cause further plumbing problems that will cost you money to repair. Thus, before hiring a plumber, carry out due diligence to know more about certifications, warranties, and professionalism. You can also read customer reviews to find out if the plumbing company has positive ratings. Do not use your home as a DIY project; seek out experts to come and fix your leaking toilet. 

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