24 June 2021

Simple things to make your garden more attractive

Photo by JR Harris on Unsplash

With summer now underway, you are probably spending more of your leisure time in your garden than you usually would. Perhaps you enjoy relaxing in your pool after a long day at work, or having a few friends over for a barbecue and a few chilled drinks. However, you may not fully enjoy your garden if it is less of a tranquil paradise and more of a neglected junk yard. Here are some simple things to make your garden more attractive.

1. Flowers

Your garden might currently be very low maintenance, with a cement drive way and perhaps a patch of scrubby lawn for the kids to play on. While concrete flags and untended lawns do remove hours of garden maintenance, they are less aesthetically pleasing than a garden that is bursting with color. Flowers are a simple way to add some color to your garden. Simply take a trip to your local garden center and choose the flowers that you find most pleasing and plant them in your garden. Use flowerpots if you do not have flowerbeds; these also have the advantage of being moveable, so you can take your colorful flowers with you if you move properties.  

2. Pond

Adding pond water features into your garden will bring you many benefits. A pond will attract insects and other wildlife to your garden, such as frogs and dragonflies, who thrive in an aquatic environment. Furthermore, ponds and other water features, like fountains, provide your garden with an air of tranquility in which you will love to sit in to relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day. Ensure that your pond includes a water filter to keep the water moving and prevent it from stagnating, ensuring that your pond is a clean and healthy environment in which plants and wildlife can thrive.

3. Maintain garden furniture

If left exposed, your garden furniture can experience a battering from the snow, wind and rain of the harsh winter months. It’s unsurprising, then, for them to be in poor condition when you are ready to use them again in summer. Chipped paintwork, weakened wood, and faded colors all make for garden furniture that is less-than pleasing to the eye, as well as possibly being unsafe for use. Take some time to maintain your garden furniture by adding a fresh coat of weatherproof paint and carrying out repairs, and remember to use a tarpaulin cover when not in use to protect your furniture from the elements.

4. Garden ornaments

Garden ornaments are a quick way to brighten up your garden and make you and your guest smile. Garden gnomes are outside ornamentation classics, but you could also shake your things up a bit by looking at other types of garden ornaments. For example, you could have some flamingo statues for a tropical touch, or perhaps some tasteful figurines of woodland creatures to create the relaxing vibe of a mysterious pine forest. 

Implement these four tips and you’re bound to boost the attractiveness of your garden.

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