22 June 2021

Home Design Tips for Cat Lovers

Photo by Juli Kosolapova on Unsplash

If you have a furry friend that follows you around your home, or seems to always be off somewhere causing havoc, it might be time to make a few tweaks to your home.

Taking inspiration from this cat owner’s apartment, we’re sharing several design ideas that your kitten will lap up like a saucer of milk.

Vertical Space

Providing your pet with not just ground-level space, but vertical space will give them the freedom to stretch out, explore and oversee their kingdom. And since very little space above furniture level is used by us humans, there’s no harm in making a little more room for your fur baby. 

Giving your cat lots of opportunity to climb and rest higher up with floating shelves, pet stairs or small cubby holes can be both practical and stylish for everyone involved. Cats tend to prefer sleeping in higher up places, as it allows them to feel a little safer. That, or they just like to keep an eye on humans and their food bowls...

Using staggered shelving across the wall can create a cool and contemporary living space with practical storage while also being a stairway to heaven for your kitty cat. 

Just remember not to over fill the shelving, otherwise you might your belongings all over the floor when you wake up in the morning. 

Toilet privacy

Just like us humans like privacy when using the bathroom, cats are no different. Rather than having the litter tray out for all to see, hiding it in a cabinet with a small entryway for your kitty will give them the privacy they need. It’ll also keep your home looking and smelling much nicer for when guests arrive. 

Sun traps

If there’s one thing cats love, it’s a good nap in the sunshine. Whether you install a cozy window seat or use wooden blinds to bring the sun in, your cat will have a new favorite snooze spot. Because, as we all know, they’ll never use the pet bed you bought them. While they’re not using the window seat, you can enjoy the perks too – if you have permission, of course. 

Their own door

If you want to keep the room warm and toasty in the cooler months, or don’t want to keep getting up to let your cat out, it might be time to upgrade the door. A cat door for a sliding door frames is the perfect way to make your cat a little less high maintenance. Without having to leave the door open just in case they want to come in, you’ll also be able to keep the living room cozier for you and the family. 

Loop-free pile

Carpets with a short or loop free pile are the way to go for cat homes. That way, when they ‘forget’ where their scratching post is, you don’t have to invest in a new carpet. Having a little rug in the room where they can snuggle, snooze, and scratch, will hopefully stop prevent them from using the sofa leg.

It’s time to give your cat the kingdom it deserves. 

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