02 April 2011

Welcome to the world Xavier Vincent

Endless congratulations to my amazing niece Sarah and her equally amazing husband Andrew on the birth of their son Xavier Vincent last night.

Good luck coping with the sudden appearance of competition goes to his big sister Pauline who'll always be number one. But that's a tough concept for an 18-month-old to grasp no matter how smart she is.

You know it's funny, in my own mind I'm still somewhere between 25 and 30. It's only when I see my nieces and nephews moving out into to the world and striking out on their own that I can see that I am a middle-aged man, despite my protests to the contrary. To keep myself from mourning my lost youth, I remind myself that I have siblings who are grandparents. Great uncle is a bit easier to deal with than grandpa or grandma must be.

But who cares about that? Sarah and baby are healthy and happy and there's a new life in the world today. He carries in him all of the potential and wonder that all new lives do and he's one fortunate baby to be born to parents who will give him the foundation he needs to go out and realize every ounce of potential he has. Congratulations to Sarah and Andrew!


  1. He's a lucky boy to have such a wonderful great uncle.

  2. Thanks Raina. The poor guy's off to a rough start but he's fighting back impressively for someone who's a day old.

  3. Best wishes to little Xavier and his parents! Enjoy great-unclehood!

  4. Awwweee....Xavier and little Lane Brown are the same age! Glad Mommy & Baby are well. As I was growing up my Great-Aunts and Uncles were very important to me, enjoy your position!

  5. Sharon! Like your Lane, Xavier started off in a NICU so that have that in common too. How are you and how's young Lane? This is my third at-bat as a great uncle and I like the sound of that title more than I thought I would.


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