18 April 2011

K+BB and Cosentino are looking for winners

If you're a kitchen and bath designer and you're really good at what you do, K+BB wants to salute you. K+BB is running a design contest and three lucky winners will go to Spain for a week as the guests of Silestone's parent company, Cosentino.

The deadline for entries is June 10th, 2011, so don't put this off. There's no limit to the number of rooms you can enter either. There's no requirement that the designs you enter use Silestone either.

Follow this link and submit your project. Not only will the winners got to Spain, they'll be accompanied by the amazing Alice Liao, the editor of K+BB.

I took a cooking class with Alice in Germany last January and the chance to hang out with her alone should be the impetus anybody needs to enter this contest. As big a draw as Alice is, the country of Spain puts the S in spectacular.

Nowhere else I've been weaves the glory of a storied history in with the inglory of daily life as elegantly as Spain does. Everything in Spain is an occasion and wonders await at every turn. And through all of it, the Spanish people are there to explain  all of it and to humanize the whole experience.

An amazing country peopled with the most accommodating people on the planet awaits the lucky winners of this contest.

So if you've been doing great work, K+BB wants to know about it. Here's the link to the entry form again. Enter! And think about the wonders that await.


  1. Your link to the entry form doesn't work!

  2. Sorry about that. It's fixed now. Thanks for the heads up!


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