03 March 2011

Congratulations Yulia and Julie: results from Mosaic Art International

Yulia Hanansen and Julie Richey are accomplished mosaic artists, great friends of this blog and recently-announced prizewinners at this year's Mosaic Art International juried show.

Yulia was awarded best in show by the three-person, international jury. She won for Jupiter: Great Red Spot, her interpretation of the Great Red Spot visible on the surface of Jupiter.

"Jupiter: Great Red Spot," c. 2010.
Materials: Layered stained glass.
Size: 36" x 56"
Price: upon request

From the artist: "Jupiter has always fascinated me as unrealized star- a planetary body that is too small for a nuclear fusion action. It is a giant planet that we can never land on. And it is in charge of one of the greatest hurricanes that we can observe- the Great Red Spot."

Artist statement continued: "Because of a layered layout, this mosaic required some research on structure of the GRS. I had to contact a NASA scientist who was very generous and sent me a couple of papers that she has written on cloud deck observations of Great Red Spot."

I've long appreciated Yulia's ability to make art and science co-exist in her work and it's a thrill to see her recognized with Mosaic Art International's Best in Show.

Another artist whose work I revere and whose friendship I treasure is Julie Richey. Julie won Mosaic Art International's Best 3-D Mosaic for her figurative dress sculpture, La Corrente.

"La Corrente," c. 2010
Materials:Marble, smalti, seashells and 24k gold
Size: 29” h x 22” w x 22” d
Private Commission

From the artist: "La Corrente is about beauty amidst destruction."

Artist statement continued: “It was created during the Gulf oil spill and it alludes to the many destructive forces, both man-made and natural, that creep in with the current.” Richey describes her work as “utilizing the innate opulence of mosaic materials – 24k gold smalti, marble, semi-precious stones, iridescent glass and minerals – to embellish sculptural forms in unexpected ways.”

Both women have fantastic websites that showcase more of their work and both women have work available for immediate sale and are open to private commissions. I invite you to explore both of their sites to gain some insight into how this most ancient of art forms is expressed in its highest forms today.

Julie's site is called Julie Richey Mosaics and you can find Yulia Hanansen's site is called Mosaic Sphere. Drop in, say hello and tell them I sent you.

Congratulations once again Yulia and Julie!


  1. Wow! Absolutely stunning! Both works are simply gorgeous, though Julie's "La Corrente" speaks to the girly girl in me. What a showstopper sculpture! What material did she use for the crinolines in the underskirt? Such an unusual shape. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Paul! The pieces in the underskirt are dentalia, or "sea spines." They're hollow, horn-shaped seashells which are very fragile on their tips.

  3. Julie's "La Corrente" is AMAZING! I'd love to put this in my showroom.

  4. I am in awe of their talent.

  5. Beautiful! It's always nice to add a little art to one's blog :)

  6. You can say that again. Enjoy New York!

  7. For those who may in the Austin TX area, you can see Yulia's and Julie's work and 40 other pieces in the Mosaic Arts International Exhibition, the annual show of the Society of American Mosaic Artists. It is at the Emma S Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center through March. For more info: www.americanmosaics.org. Julie's work is even more incredible when you see it in person!

  8. Thanks for the reminder about the Exhibition. Did you hear that Austin?


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