07 March 2011

It's the 2011 Mosaic Masterpieces tour

Two of my favorite people in fine art mosaic-dom are leading a tour of the great mosaics of Italy from October 3rd through October 10th, 2011.

These favorite people are 2011 Best 3-D Mosaic at Mosaic Art International Julie Richey (on the left) and the editor of Mosaic Art Now Nancie Mills-Pipgras (on the right). That these two are leading it ought to make anybody drop what they're doing and register immediately. These women know their stuff and they're animated and fun at the same time. Witty repartee and thorough explanations are guaranteed.

The tour begins in Rome, my favorite city on the planet. You'll be in Rome for three days and while you're there you'll get a backstage tour of the Vatican Museums micromosaic studio and see mosaics from the 4th Century in Santa Maria in Trestavere and from the 20th Century in the Museo Ara Pacis.

After three days in Rome you'll head to the Tuscan Coast and the small city of Porto Santo Stefano for lunch and then to Capalbio to see Niki de Saint Phalle’s Tarot Garden. After a leisurely stroll through the gardens it's back to Rome.

After Rome, the tour takes the train to Ravenna where Ravenna's annual Notte d'Oro will be taking place. Notte d'Oro is Ravenna's mosaic festival and in a city synonymous with the art form, it's a big deal. After three days in Ravenna (with an optional two-day class at the Mosaic Art School of Ravenna), folks on the tour have the option to head to Venice for three days or to fly home from Ravenna.

The tour costs $2850 USD (not including airfare) prior to April 1st, $2950 thereafter. There's a $400 payment due upon registration and the final payment is due August 1, 2011. You can read the entire itinerary on Julie's website and you have any questions, her contact information is there. The tour includes meals, transfers and hotel stays.

Whattya Say? Who wants to go to Italy?


  1. You are a prince among men, Paul! Thank you so much for this lovely shout out. First cappuccino in Rom is on us! Andiamo!


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