09 March 2011

A little more Italy

I've been on an Italian kick lately. I'm putting together a trip for myself and a couple of friends (are you reading this Saxon Henry and my beloved brother Steve?) for the fall. Houzz.com had me interview Milan-based architect Marco Dellatorre and seeing the modern face of Italy through his projects is making me ache for a return to the bel paese all the more.

Here's the piece I wrote for Houzz on Marco's loft in Milan. As much as I love southern Italy, Marco's loft makes me want to shift my attention north.


  1. What a stunning loft space! Love the chevron reclaimed oak floors and use of glass. But the absolute showstopper for me are those copper walls. Swoon, thud! Love, Love, Love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That sink in the Master is incredible.
    I really love the entire space.

    Italy in the fall? Sounds amazing!

  3. Who made that Stainless Kitchen? The whole place is a dream... THE COPPER WALLS... If only I can get my Italian wife to let me have that in our home... WOW!

  4. LAX: That's perfect. Swoon, thud is my new catchphrase.

    Steph: Join us in Rome!

    Tim: Thanks for hanging out here. Good luck with convincing your wife to sign off on the copper walls. Show her this post, maybe it'll help.

  5. Yay - Italy in the fall. I'm plotting my own trip. Abbruzzo, Trieste and Venice are on my list so far. It could end up as a very long list

  6. That's always the thing. How do you whittle down the possibilities?


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