09 March 2011

New stuff from Swiss faucet manufacturer KWC

The Swiss manufacturer KWC just released the ONO Touch Light Pro faucet and it's pretty slick.

Most noticeable is the separation of the mixer from the fixture. It's a trend I'm seeing more and more in high end kitchen brands. The mixer can be placed just about anywhere with this faucet and that adds to the design possibilities exponentially.

Less noticeable is the microprocessor inside of that mixer. This is an all-in-one mixer, a single touch turns it off and on. There's nothing revolutionary about that. Where it gets interesting is that this one's programmable. You can program the temperature and pressure and you can call up that program every time you touch the mixer. Of course you can dispense with the programming all together and use the mixer as a manual control.

Faucet technology is evolving at a really fast pace and firms like KWC are on the leading edge of it.


  1. I like the new trends in faucet mixers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My pleasure Ann, are you all ready to start separating mixers from faucets?


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