11 January 2011

Pop life, pop art, pop appliances

1960s appliance ads are fantastic.

1960s long-format appliance videos are even more fantastic.

That video's six minutes long and it worth it to invest the time to watch that thing the whole way through.

That ending reminds me of Turkey Lurkey, the 11 o'clock number from Neil Simon's 1969 musical theater masterpiece "Promises Promises."

I'm leaving today for Orlando and the International Builder's Show. I'll be there through Saturday and this show marks the beginning of my trade show marathon that will have me pretty tied up for the next four-and-a-half weeks. Four major trade shows! Four countries! Four-and-a-half weeks!

As I mentioned when I came back after my New Year's hiatus, I'm not going to hold myself to a daily posting schedule while all this is going on. I'll be posting sporadically but regularly, I promise.

I'm going to see things the likes of which I've never seen I'm sure and I'll be reporting all of it here first.


  1. Too funny! I actually found the same video about a year ago -- gotta love old appliance ads...


  2. Great videos! Mood matching refrigerators.... can they make a 'come-back'?!?

  3. Whoa! That was beyond psychedelic! Did people really have those crazy patterned fridges in the '60s?! The stamp one and the Campbell's soup one were kinda cool, but most of those patterns could trigger a seizure! ;-)

    That being said, I could totally go for and Astro-Glo Bronze fridge :-)

    Safe travels, and see you in TO in a couple of weeks!

  4. Nice collection. Especially the first ad.


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