05 January 2011

Laminate's highest expression

Since the last day's turned into Formica Laminate Day around here, I'm going to wrap up the laminate love with a last post.

This is a new pattern from Formica's 180fx collection and it's called Petrified Wood.

I love its vertical uses in this space, I think it adds something that only laminate could add. Real stone couldn't really do a lot of this without a whole lot of headache and I think Formica's Petrified Wood more than holds up its own.

I've always been a fan of the category, but this new collection from Formica has me thinking about laminate in ways that are all together new.


  1. I love it! That is so cool, I need a project to use that in!


  2. I missed out on the whole game yesterday.
    Dang it. :)
    As I'm sure you'll be shocked to hear, these obviously aren't my cup of tea.
    That being said, I'm really loving this Petrified Wood one. I'd use it vertically, of course.
    I actually don't hate laminate, but I like the more geometric patterns or just plain rather than those that are mimicking stone.
    Truth be told though, I would much rather see one of these over Almond Mauve granite ANY DAY.

  3. Brenda: Thanks for checking in!

    Steph: Coming from somebody who's dedicated her life to natural stone, that's high praise indeed!

  4. That up close pic is GORGEOUS! I love it in the vertical installation and think a great big 4x8 panel could look amazing framed up like art.

  5. There are fissures and cracks in real petrified wood that look like this exactly. Formica is rightfully proud of this stuff.


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